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I replaced the motor back in this thread at the height of the summer heat: old question The old motor was fine as I opened it up and a bug got fried inside and caused a short. I ended up with a backup motor. The new motor just started to spin at a lo
I have a relatively old air handler that has worked fine for many years. Just recently, it started leaking water everywhere, and it seems to be seeping from inside the base of the air handler itself (as opposed to a leaking pipe, or something outside
Yesterday was an extremely hot day here in SoCal with temperatures around 100F. The AC unit had been turned off during the daytime and at nighttime we turned it on to cool down the house. A few hours later I noticed water dripping down from the soffi
The Zone valves heat the hotwater pack, basement area and main house. The Thermostat being replaced is the bottom right for House. I tied on the Ecobee into the 24V relay and was able to power the unit, but the W1 off the Ecobee into the Yellow lead
Most of the motors associated with fans and such, utilize an induced magnetic field, and don't have a permanent magnet. So as the capacitor releases its charge (quickly), a magnetic field would be induced in the motor and cause the motor to turn mayb
My gas furnace/AC was 26 years old and both still working fine when I replaced them. I am not suggesting you do the same, but I am in the biz and therefore would not be held hostage should either of them have failed during peak season. That said, sin
this is the video about troubleshooting an ac that doesnt blow cold air and i make this video as easy as possible and doesnt require any special tool ,so you can do it yourself so this unit doesnt blow cold air ,it turns out that the outdoor unit hav
So I seem to be having trouble with my power bills (they've often been near $400 while other people in my area with a similar sized house usually get around $140), and I've isolated the issue to my air conditioner (I shut the AC off during the day on
Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I have a house where the master bedroom was added in during an expansion. The master sits half above unfinished basement and half above crawlspace and has a single floor vent to draw air from the centra
Why Does My Air Conditioner Keep Tripping My Home’s Circuit Breaker?During the peak of summer here in Arizona, a common complaint we get is of air conditioners tripping circuit breakers. If it happens once, and you turn it back on and it doesn’t happ