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Electrical appliances will, of course, stop working if the power goes out. This is inconvenient but not necessarily harmful. When electrical power
My AC blows cold air, so I assume my compressor outside works OK. Please correct if that's an incorrect assumption. The problem is, there is very little cold airflow that comes out of the floor ducts
Often, the thermostat will separate from the wallplate with moderate pressure. Other times, there might be small screws holding the device in place. If you are unable to pull it off, please refer to your thermostat manufacturer's website or manual fo
This section focuses on central air conditioning and factors related to cooling of homes and businesses. We also cover ductless air conditioners that can be used in single rooms or smaller spaces but are fixed in place instead of being portable. To f
You will need a set of manifold gauges to check you freon pressure. Here are some general guideline for A/C system pressures and temperatures based on ambient outside temperature. Remember that these are a guideline and your actual temperatures and p
It looks like water damage to me. Likely either a roof leak or a condensation problem with one of the ducts (or something else entirely that you don't know is there?). It's also possible for the leak to be elsewhere above the ducts and this is just w
Sure you can buy gauges, leak sniffers, temperature probes, and a bunch of other gizmos. Unfortunately, it doesn't really make any difference. The average homeowner doesn't have the knowledge, skill, tools, experience, or certificates required to rep
The first thing that comes to mind for me, would be to attach multiple gears to a long axle driven by a motor. Since you don't want to drive all the winches at once, you'd have to devise a way for the axle to spin independently of each gear. So the f
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I know this question has been asked multiple times and I'm going to try some of the methods I have read in other threads but wanted to ask this question since I didn't see anyone else's wired the way I have mine wired. Systems: AC and furnaceOld digi