I changed my thermostat, not my heat does not work… help!

The yellow wire goes to Y? I think you meant to say. That seems okay.

First Thing:
Check to see if your contacts are pulled in. This is inside the condensing unit outside. Pull out the disconnect or power at the electrical box and heres a video to show you how a contactor works. We just need to see if the contacts are pulled in. If they are than the thermostat is working fine if not than the thermostat could be wired bad. Make sure the thermostat is set to cool and give it some time. Some have a 5 minute anti-short cycle delay before it will pull in the contacts


If the contacts are pulled in, Check to see if the capacitor is bad when they go bad swell most of the time. This is a pretty common fix on a/c's. Here's a video to help you


Next easy fix is a bad fuse. The fuses are inside the disconnect handle. If the contactor is pulled in and the capacitor doesn't...

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Many people depend on programmable or adjusting thermostat to keep their energy bills under control. However, this can work only if the thermostat functions properly. Otherwise, you will end up with very cold or hot rooms that are uncomfortable to be in and high energy bills as well.

There are many reasons why the thermostat might not be working properly and you need to check for each of these causes before you can fix the thermostat and have a home that is at the right temperature.

1. Do You have Power?

The first thing to check when you encounter a thermostat that does not work is to check if it has power. Just check that all the wires that connect to the thermostat are fixed properly and tightly. This should restore the power supply to the thermostat and ensure that it works again.

2. Keep is Clean

A thermostat needs to be clean in order to work properly. Unscrew the cover of the thermostat and gently clean the wires inside using a...

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hello, My Gas fired furnace comes on ok but shuts the gas off before the house is heated and keeps the blower turned on. The flame lasts for about 5 minutes. I have replace the furnace flame … read more

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Have a white Rodgers thermostat that is chirping like a smoke detector. Changed batteries but still chirping. … read more

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I have a white Rodgers heat only thermostat, mod.1e78-140. it is not working, does it run on batt. or is the power wired from home. … read more


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I have a White-Rodgers 1 F81-261 Programmable thermostat.I want to operate it manually. Please help. It has reset at 62 degrees. … read more

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This sounds like a common problem that we run into many times during the heating season. It is especially common for people with heat pump systems. A heat pump system typically has two different heat sources, the primary heat and the secondary heat. The primary heat is supplied by the heat pump which is just an air conditioner in reverse gear. The secondary heat is usually electric heat strips similar to the plug in space heaters you find in many retail stores. This type of secondary heat is what is called radiant heat and is very inefficient. You can tell how frequently your system uses radiant heat by how high your electric utility bill gets in the winter.

This secondary heat is sometimes referred to as emergency heat or AUX heat on your thermostat. It usually will have an indicator light or some other indication on touch screen thermostats. It can also be the primary source of heat if the thermostat is manually set to AUX HEAT or EM HEAT. Setting this mode will turn off...

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The heater not working in some cases may be related to the overheating problem you are also having. This may be due to a faulty heater blower motor or potentially a bad heater core. As you know, the heater core is a small radiator like unit that circulates the hot coolant from the engine through the heater core which then uses this warm coolant to heat the inside of the car with the help of the blower motor that blows the warm air through the vents inside the car. When the cooling system is not properly circulating coolant through the motor, this results in the warm coolant not being pumped through the heater core properly in order to warm the inside of the vehicle.

Engine overheating can be caused by a number of things such as low coolant levels, a faulty thermostat, or a failing coolant fan switch. As you may know the coolant fan switch helps to maintain the proper coolant temperature by turning on and off at specific temperature thresholds. When this switch is not working...

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Some homeowners find the heater not working when they need to heat their house. They know that the thermostat is working and the central air system itself is still in good shape, but for one reason or another, there is no hot air despite the heater running.

As odd as it may sound, this is not an unusual problem. In fact, there are several reasons why you might be experiencing this in your own home.

(Side note: We normally refer to the heater as the furnace, but in this article we will use heater and furnace interchangeably.)

Technical Setbacks Keep Heating from Happening

Safety Switch

Furnaces built after the 1990s come with a safety switch or safety shut out. These are safety measures put in place to prevent heating and air conditioning if there is a technical issue that can cause a hazard. In these cases, no matter what you do to the thermostat, the furnace will never kick in until the problem is found and fixed.

Such problems...

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Heating or cooling room thermostat diagnosis: how to troubleshoot a heating or cooling room thermostat that is not working at all or is not working properly. Here we suggest step by step procedures in diagnosing HVAC thermostat problems such as a thermostat that is not working at all or one that shows a blank thermostat display or a thermostat that does not turn heat on or off at the right temperatures.

Page top photo: a basic room thermostat showing the red and white wires being switched by the thermostat and a place where it's easy to check for voltage .

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Heating & Cooling Control Thermostat Troubleshooting Guide

If your heat won't turn on at all, the problem may not be at the thermostat at all. Start at HEAT WON'T TURN...

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not to ask a really dumb question, but.... are you certain you installed the new thermostat in the correct direction????

the block may be air bound though, which could throw off other diagnostics. i think there is a small plug above (nearby) the water pump housing which you can remove to let any air out.

one way to totally eliminate the thermostat as the problem is to REMOVE the thermostat from the housing and reassemble, and run the car for a little while. if the water pump is shot, then that will show NO circulation, which would mean no water pump.

by any chance have you noticed any antifreeze under the car recently? a drip at the water pump is an indication of a failing water pump. (the bearings going make the seal leak before it totally goes...

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An engine that keeps losing water is a big problem, and not just because low water levels will keep your heater from putting out enough heat. A car that is not gettting coolant will heat up and damage itself permanently. If it leaks water, you need to find the source. It can be a split hose, leaky radiator, the water pump, or even worse, the head gasket. Finding the leak can be a pain in the butt too, as even a tiny hole can let a lot of water out while the system is under pressure from being driven.

But if the weather is cold, that makes your investigation easier. Make sure the engine has run long enough to get good and hot, and make sure the coolant is topped up. Then, if there is a leak, the hot water escaping will turn to steam when it hits the cold atmosphere. Open the bonnet (hood) and look for steam: along the hoses, where the water pump is, and along the radiator. Also look inside your car—if your windows steam up, or the carpet inside the front of your car gets wet,...

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hi, this is what that code is telling you, also do you have a code on the screen when switched on let me know if you do if you dont ill tell you at the end of this post how to get an error code so i can tell you exactly what the problems is.

Section 4 is flashing red
- Hardware Failure
/ \
\ /

The Specific Type of hardware failure can be determined by the error code displayed on the screen.
If the screen is blank or you would like additional information follow the instructions for determining the secondary error code in the section below

here is how to get the secondary code for me.
The specific type of hardware failure can be determined by a "hidden" error code

* Turn the xbox 360 on, and wait till the 1 red lights are flashing.
* Press and hold the sync up button (the small white one), while holding that button press the eject button.
* The LEDs will now blink the first number in the code ( so 1 red light may be lit...

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Nest Learning Thermostat: Installed, Fired right up, Used my router to download software, Then promptly updated itself into incompatibility with the wifi network. (Plus: Some Installation Info)

Turning On the Nest Learning Thermostat

I installed my Nest Learning Thermostat, then turned on the AC unit and furnace’s breakers. It found several neighborhood wireless networks, I selected my own, and then entered the security code. It connected immediately to the internet through my router. It downloaded software updates, installed them, and suddenly couldn’t connect to my network anymore. Nothing had been changed in my router settings up to that point. The only variable that had been changed was that the Nest t-stat installed new software on itself and then suddenly couldn’t communicate with a router it had just successfully used to download the software one minute earlier. It could still see the SSIDs (broadcasted names) of neighborhood wi-fi networks, but wouldn’t...
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Diagnose & fix a room thermostat that that won't turn the heating or cooling system ON when it should - room thermostat troubleshooting:

here we explain how to diagnose and fix hermostat wiring problems that cause a heating system or cooling system to stay OFF when it should turn on.

We provide a sequence of diagnostic steps that determine if the problem is at the thermostat, the thermostat wiring, or at other heating or cooling system controls. We include some simple VOM tests or DMM tests to check for a broken or "open" thermostat wire and tests to check for thermostat wires that are shorted together.

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Thermostat Troubleshooting: heating or cooling system won't turn ON - Step 1

Here we discuss how to diagnose &...

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Epic Fail On Thermostat Install - Now Heat Doesn't Work!

I made a pitiful attempt at changing out a partially defective thermostat on my heat pump-based system and I was unable to get the heat to work. I decided I would try reinstalling the original thermostat until I could hire a professional to install the new thermostat instead.

While I did take care to mark all of the wires (I used a label maker), and I did take care to reinstall the old thermostat correctly, nothing seems to be working now. The system literally seems "dead."

Is there a way to "reset" the system so I can at least have some heat, or is it more likely that I destroyed something?

In the mean time, I am going to go gather firewood.

did you kill power before you disconnected everything? if not there is a good chance you shorted the wrong wires together and fried a cntrol board. first you need to make sure you have it wired properly, i have been sure before and had wires reversed....

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Do you have a temp gauge hooked up? Is this your reason for overheating or is there steam coming out of the hood?

What radiator are you using? It could be clogged. You may want to have it tested for flow.

The radiator does steam up all kinds because of test water I pour on it. If water steams up when I pour it on the side of the radiator it means your coolant is above 190 degree.

I just got a new radiator (fluidyne civic), so it's not the radiator. stock temp gauge hooked up. My ex new radiator did not work too.

Fan works fine. But it doesn't turn on until the lower radiator hose gets hot because the thermostat is not opening. more on the buttom.

Here's what I did.
1. start the car, radiator cap off.
2. heater on full blast.
3. put more coolant in as it drops.
4. as the engine heats up, so does the coolant.
5. problem starts here. The top hose gets hotter and hotter every minute.
6. at this point the hot...

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Changed thermostat, not working

I had a new furnace/ac unit installed about three years ago. Always hated the t-stat they supplied with it, was dimly lit and hard to read. Finally had enough of it today and changed it to my old one.
I don't know what brand the one they supplied is, all I can find on it is VT2005. The one I replaced it with is a Honeywell MagicStat/3355. The Vt was a four wire, red, white, yellow, green. I hooked the Honeywell up the same way. Whether it is on heat or air the fan comes on after about ten seconds. The furnace never ignites and the blower keeps running. The air does work, shuts on and off, but the blower keeps running on that also. I do not have it set on constant fan. When the fan was running I switched the switch to system off and it kept running. I then removed all four wires and the fan kept going. I had to...

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You did one super job of explaining to me everything there is to know about this fridge. I'm looking forward to asking you questions in the future.

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