I need a tool that hogs off stock to fix the side of a panel


I had many problems in my car so i had to fix them all.

From the speaker panel you can see the window rail and the bolt that holds it when you undo that bolt you can move the window back into place in the rail. When you do this you should take the bolt all the way off then move the rail back onto the window, then you can go ahead and adjust it from there. You also want to lube the rails i used the wd-40 but that a short solution don't do it, use a silicon spray or something for long lasting results.

Now the problem of the window going up sideways was caused by that x looking thing . it was coming undone so I took the vice-grip pliers and clamped it as hard as i can witch fixed the problem.

If the rear rail came off then it is the same thing as the front except that there is not an adjustment, you can still take the bolt off and move the rail back into...

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Unlike the classic American cars on the 1950s and earlier, modern automobiles are full of plastic. From door panels and dash pads to the engine cover, plastic is everywhere. While this may be an affordable way for today’s auto manufacturers to build cars, the fact remains that plastic simply does not last as long as metal. Eventually, these plastic components fade and crack, leaving you with the task of replacing it or living with busted parts on your car.

The 1960s saw the biggest change over from metal to plastic. As metal became more expensive and plastic forming technology grew, the automakers quickly grabbed onto plastic as the material of the future. Not only is it cheaper to make, plastic components are much lighter and weigh a fraction of what metal counterparts would. By the 1980s, everything on the inside of a car was plastic. Pop the hood on just about any car made from the late 1990s and you will likely find engine components that are made of plastic. General...

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Electric windows are found in all sorts of vehicle these days, including farm equipment. While they are convenient, allowing the driver to open and close windows at will to circulate air, they also serve an important safety role, giving a driver the ability to roll up windows quickly in an emergency. With so many power car windows, there are bound to be mechanical failures. While time consuming, repairing electric windows is well within the ability of a backyard mechanic, once the problem is narrowed down. The easiest way to track down the problem is to eliminate the most obvious, a bad fuse or wiring. The steps for fixing power windows are arranged in order of difficulty. If one solution doesn't work, move on to the...

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Power windows are great, as long as they are working. However, once they stop working, they are nothing but a nuisance. When this happens, regardless of what the underlying problem is, we tend to say that the window is "off its track." It doesn't really matter that the window does not have a track; that is what we are used to calling it.

Earlier power windows used a plastic track to raise and lower the window. These tracks would tend to break after a period of time, especially if the car was in a hot climate, which would cause the plastic to dry out and become brittle. Repairing an inoperative window usually meant replacing the window track, which had to be done exactly right, or the new track would break the first time the vehicle owner tried to raise their window.

Due to the maintenance headache that these plastic tracks became, auto manufacturers came up with a better system, using a mechanical device that is referred to as a regulator.. Nevertheless, we still...

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To remove the panel: there are several screws placed around the outer edge of the panel that need to be removed. there are also two in the handle area (one is down in the little cubby just below the handle, the other is under the little circle-remove from circle-in the little indent the below the handle. once all the screws are out, there are now several locks around the inside of the panel that need to be unlocked. they are just little things poking out of the panel that snap into the holes in the door frame. you just need to find those and pull with some force to pop the hooks out. it may seem like you are going to break the panel, but it takes a lot of force to unhook these. then, if there are speakers in the door, they panel will be connected to the frame by wires for the speakers. i did not disconnect these, just propped the panel so that the cords were not being pulled on. to prelace lock: i can't remember if there are screws or if the lock pops out, but do one of those....

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Click….wait. Click….wait. Click….ARG! Sound familiar? That’s the sound of someone running out of Internet bandwidth.

A lot of things can drain away the capacity of that pipe that connects your computer to the Internet. It could be other people or devices on your network, or it could even be malicious applications or services running on the PC itself. The problem can get so bad that some people will toss out their computer and buy a new one.

It doesn’t have to be that way. While the problem could be coming from anywhere, it isn’t impossible to troubleshoot if you know where to look, what tools to use, and what to do when you find the culprit. In this article, I’m going to give you a hand and walk you through the process of tracking down that bandwidth hog and shutting him down.

Track Down the Bandwidth Bandit via Your Router

You could start just about anywhere when it comes to isolating the bandwidth hog on your network or inside...

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How do you fix headphones with sound in only one ear? The most common fault on a pair of audio headphones is sound only coming from one ear or side. If you have an expensive pair of earphones, replacing them by buying new ones is not always the best option. For headphones or earbuds that cost $50 dollars and above, most people will choose to fix it themselves. For many high end headphones, there is probably a warranty that may still be covering them from defects. Before you attempt to cut any wires or disassemble the headphones, contact the manufacturer first… there are links to many headphone companies at the bottom of this page.

If you know what Headphone Replacement Parts you need,
here is where to get them at a GREAT PRICE and most have FREE shipping.

There can be many reasons that a pair of headphones only play audio out of one ear. The most common reason for sound to only come out of one side is the wires near the audio jack have gotten bent back...

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One of the good sides of the Windows operating systems is that the system requirements are not overdemanding. You can run Windows 10 even on an outdated PC’s and still manage to use resource-hogging programs.

However, it’s not unusual to see a sudden increase in CPU or RAM usage depending on the processes you run. On the other hand, this isn’t exactly a common occurrence for HDD. Until the latest major update, at least. Some users reported that, after they obtained the Creators Update, their HDD activity hit the sky-high values for a no apparent reason. And to make the things even worse, that affected the performance radically.

Since this is a grave problem for a lot of users, we compiled the list of solutions. So if you have major HDD issues after the update, check the workarounds below.

How to fix 100% disk usage caused by the Creators Update

Check the HDD health and inspect hardware

In order to move on to the system inspections, make sure...

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Earlier this year, I posted a short story and video of my attempt at – and success – repairing a Gateway notebook that was suffering a Code 43 GPU error. The “fix” seemed almost too good to be true: dismantle the notebook and blast the GPU with a hairdryer for a couple minutes in order to reflow the solder. At the time, I also mentioned that I had a couple hard drives that I was going to try repairing in order to recover some pictures and data for a friend. Six months later, apparently a few people still want to know what happened, so this is my story. Sadly, things didn’t go so well this time, but let me go through the full sequence of events. (I thought about sweeping this one under the rug, but maybe some of you can learn from my experience.)

First, most tech savvy people have likely heard of the various tricks you can use to try to get data off of a failing hard drive. Put it in the freezer, knock it on the side, drop it, sacrifice a virgin keyboard under the pale...

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Long job and not for the faint of heart.

Open roof to rear.

Pull up on rear seat bottom and remove it.

Remove center panel.

Remove three Allen head bolts down behind seat cushion back.

Lift off head rests...pull up.

Raise top just enough to make side flaps flip up.

Remove nut at top rear corner.

Remove Nylon/plastic push lock rivet where seat belt goes through panel... top corner.

Pull panel off mounting pins...will sound like your breaking it !

Lift panel to access seat belt bolt and unplug Flip-Up panel motor.

Remove cable from it's clip.

Remove loom thro' panel.

Pull seat belt thro panel.

Set panel to one side.

Remove Torxs bolts around black plastic panel for speaker.

Unplug speaker.

Pull loom thro' hole.

Remove two Allen and 5 hex bolts where window would come out. if it worked.

Pull up plate and remove rubber seal to one side and then remove...

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