Questions about: ice-maker

The picture shows a copper pipe with a compression-fit valve attached. The copper pipe is presumably just a straight section of pipe going into your wall box, and the silver-colored thing with a shutoff knob is a valve attached to the pipe. Are you t
*unless you include installation of a new boiler I just had my boiler replaced with a fantastic new one. The first thing the plumber did was to put the old boiler outside our house on the curb. It was quickly taken by a scrap collector
Thanks for the response Larry. As Larry noted, I would normally run a larger line for lateral runs and then downsize the fixtures runs. In a manifold system, I believe the downsizing occurs at the manifold
Your model has a harvest timer. After a set freeze time, the timer should operate a hot gas reversing valve that will slightly warm the freeze surface and cause the cubes to eject by gravity. The timer or coil on the hot gas valve can fail
The white stuff is probably calcium (99% of the time). .