Improvising a temporary skylight?


I have a skylight that is essentially a flashed plywood curb with a late 50's era glass paver that "cups" over top. No tar or caulk, just gravity holding it there. Now, because I'm an idiot, I decided to touch it during a kitchen remodel to clean up/paint the curb box which is visible from inside. I ended up breaking the glass paver.

So, what can I improvise to get me through the rest of the winter rain?

Bear in mind these factors:

I intend to replace these not-even-close skylights this summer when I have the roof redone. It only needs to be temporary, but as with everything, temporary things have a funny way of needing to last much longer than intended. I'd rather not continue to use the upside-down plastic storage bin method I have in place. It's an unusual size (10.5" x 10.5"), so off-the-shelf skylights aren't an option, and I'd rather not go custom for something I intend to rip out eventually. I'm in the SF Bay Area in CA, so not a lot of extreme...
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After finding water coming down my front door from inside the ceiling I had a roofer come out and take a look. He stated that the skylight was at the end of its life. This does appear to be the case as there is definite condensation between the panes and getting up on the roof I can see that all the seals do not look good.

He said it looks like the roofing is fine, and that the flashing around the skylight is fine. He recommended that I simply order a new one, pop off the old one, and screw on the new one. But I'm having second thoughts about reusing the old flashing. It appears to him to be installed correctly, and to me it looks a lot newer than the skylight (the roof was replaced 3 years ago). But will unscrewing the old one, and screwing in the new one be properly sealed?

I did go ahead and order a new one (A 4'x4' laminated VELUX), but don't want to mess things up.

EDIT: I did the work. Here's the followup.

This is...

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What you have is called a bubble skylight. The older ones are notorious for being poorly insulated. The moisture builds up in there because there is a big difference in temperature between the air in the room, and the surface of the skylight. It is basically acting like a chimney, and causing you to lose a lot of heat throughout the year. A poorly sealed skylight is nearly as bad as leaving a window open a crack all year.

What you need to do to prevent this from happening is to insulate the skylight. The cheapest, and most effective way of doing this is by installing insulating window film. These kits can be found in most home stores, and are pretty inexpensive.

Inside of the box, there is a roll of window film, and a roll of double stick tape. It is pretty simple to install. Tape around the perimeter of the window first without exposing the other side of the tape. Measure the film, and cut it oversize by a few inches. Peel off the plastic from one piece of the tape...

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The Sunlight and Daylight systems use light in a system that follows the geographically correct angle and movement of the sun over the earth at a given location. You can choose location, date, time, and compass orientation. You can also animate the date and time. This system is suitable for shadow studies of proposed and existing structures. In addition, you can animate Latitude, Longitude, North Direction, and Orbital Scale.

Sunlight and Daylight have a similar user interface. The difference is that:

Large view shows compass and light in a viewport. The resulting rendered images are seen above it.

When you first create a Daylight system, the default creation parameters are set to midday (noon) on the summer solstice (June 21). Use the Get Location button in the Control Parameters rollout (see below) to choose the correct geographic location. If the rollout is not available, select the Daylight01 object in the viewport to gain access.

When you create a...

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The predominance of skylight fatal falls occur on roofs where there was no permanent guarding device initially installed by the property owner and where there is no provision in subsequent repair contracts to install either permanent or temporary OSHA-compliant protective devices.

The Safety Rail 2000, courtesy of Bluewater Manufacturing Inc.

According to a study by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), 14 percent of construction fatal falls occur from stepping through skylights, smoke vents or miscellaneous roof openings.

OSHA regulates roof skylight safety by means of both Part 1910 (General Industry) as well as Part 1926 (Construction). A majority of roofing firms who perform small repairs and miscellaneous replacements on skylight roofs are especially hard hit by these regulations. Their rooftop exposure for a 10-square repair may be limited to a day or two and their material/labor/equipment budgets are usually very tight. These...

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Learning the hard way??

You thought you came here to find an easier way to learn improvisation, right? Well to be honest, the easier way is not always the best way and if you’re in something for the long run, getting things right from the start can save you a lot of time and years of frustration.

Don’t let the title throw you, it’s not actually learning the hard way, it’s just learning, period. Over the years, the term “learning” has slowly come to mean something else. Instead of actually studying and mastering a skill, “learning” has evolved into memorizing the main facts and pieces of a skill; in other words, the goal is proficiency rather than mastery.

When we learn something today, we find the shortcuts that give us the desired results with the least amount of effort. We start with a guide book, an outline, a list of definitions, a cheat sheet, and we can even look up the answers if we get lost. Whatever the task is, we want to be able to perform it...

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We're excited to announce simpler, more predictable pricing for Skylight. Most of our customers have already been migrated to the new pricing, having shifted over the last month or so, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.

TL;DR: Our old pricing wasn't amazing, and our new pricing is much better :)

Pricing is now based on the total number of requests handled by your Rails app. This number is much easier to both reason about and predict than peak RPM, our previous measure.

Skylight is free up to the first 100,000 requests. After that, pricing starts at $20 per million requests handled.

Since I'm the person who manages our books, I'll say this next part with one eye closed: new pricing lowers the monthly cost for 45% of our current customers (based on a statistically sound sample). A number of the customers in that window are also our biggest customers. It's a temporary hit on the bottom line, but one that we think will make Skylight...

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Experiment to Observe Temporary Mount of a Leaf Peel to Show Stomata!



To prepare a temporary mount of a leaf peel to show stomata.

Apparatus and Materials Required:

A potted Tradescantia or Bryophyllum plant, forceps, needles, watch glasses, glass slides, a dropper, coverslips, a brush, blotting paper, safranin, glycerine and a compound microscope.


Stomata are small openings found widely scattered on the epidermis of leaves and young stems. They are mostly found on the lower surface of a dicot leaf and on both the surfaces of a monocot leaf. Stomata regulate the exchange of gases and water vapour between the atmosphere and leaves.


1. Remove a healthy leaf from the potted plant.

2. Remove a part of the peel from the lower surface of the leaf. You can do this by folding the leaf over and gently pulling the peel apart using forceps. Keeps the peel in a watch...

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If it were me, I would take a drill, with a small 1/8" bit or so, and drill all the ends of the cracks, to keep them from traveling, then seal it with 100% silicone.........that will hold up till you can replace it.This will be you cheapest/quickest fix.


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Right, left, straight, or stay....decision of the day

Ha! Yep - always something. The guys must have kicked the corner of it or hit it with a brush while cleaning the roof. Owner of the detailing company was very apologetic and promised to cover the costs...

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Desiree: Hey, what happened to the lights?

Chris: I think you have a short or maybe a loose wire.

Desiree: My guests are going to arrive any minute. What am I going to do?

Chris: Don’t worry. In an emergency, I’m your man. Whatever the problem is, I can probably find a stopgap solution.

Desiree: Are you sure? I don’t want you to get electrocuted.

Chris: When I was growing up, we lived in the middle of nowhere and my parents had to make do. They improvised all the time, using what was on hand to make repairs.

Desiree: They both sound very handy.

Chris: They did what they had to do. Whatever the problem was, they were able to cobble together something, even if it was a little makeshift. I like to think I learned a thing or two from them.

Desiree: So do you think you can fix this?

Chris: Well, it’s not going to be done properly, but I’ll jury-rig something so the lights will work temporarily until...

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The Proper Way to Fix a Skylight from Leaking

The first step we take in a skylight repair is to diagnose the issue. Is it the skylight, the flashing, the roof, or something else that is causing the leak. It’s easy to blame the skylight, but more often than not, something else is the culprit.

We check to see what the width of the flashing is, if it has stepped flashing or continuous flashing, if the flashing is laced into the shingles properly, if it is tarred, the condition of the roof, are there any other vents or chimneys that might be the issues, etc…

We do not recommend to cover either the flashing or the skylight with tar or other mastic type materials. This is at best a temporary fix and makes it more expensive and difficult to repair properly.

In most cases, we replace the flashing. If the skylight itself is the problem then we either re-build the skylight or replace it depending upon the make, age and condition of the...

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Prepare the opening.

There are two types of skylight: those that have a frame in place and those that are mounted on a curb. For those that have a frame in place, the sheathing is a layer that will fit beneath your skylight to help prevent water leaks. For curb-mounted skylights you will need to secure two by sixes (5 cm by 15 cm) along the edges of the opening.

To attach the sheathing for frame in place skylights, nail it down around the perimeter of the opening on top of the roof. Then attach a strip of self-adhesive membrane along the bottom edge of the opening. One inch (2.5 cm) of this adhesive should be folded over the edge into the opening of the roof. To create the curb for curb-mounted skylights you must measure the sides of the opening and cut four 2x6s (5 cm by 15 cm) to fit along the upper edges. Nail the four pieces together into the shape of a rectangle. Make sure this box is square and then toenail it into place around the roof opening. Toenailing involves...
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