Installing Honeywell Wifi on Ruud Furnace with G wire replacement


When the thermostat stops working, homeowners must replace it in order to keep using their heat and air conditioning. The thermostat controls the flow of the hot or cold air and the temperature inside the house. It also tells the heat pump or air conditioner when to start and stop. Honeywell is a top name in thermostats. The company offers many different types, each with different setup and installation requirements. Before installing a Honeywell thermostat, homeowners need to know what types of thermostats are available, what tools to use, and what steps to take to perform the installation.

Non-Programmable Heat Thermostats

Heat-only thermostats only have two wires that connect to the furnace from the electrical box. Where the homeowner installs the new thermostat depends on the location of the old thermostat.

Installation of the Non-Programmable Honeywell Thermostat

First, cut power to the heater. Next, remove the old thermostat while making note of...

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So I have seperate Heating (Hot Water Heat ) and And Air Handler (cooling System) So the Current Thermostat I'm Using is a Honeywell RTH2300B and the new one I want to Install is a Honeywell Wifi RTH6580WF1001. The Current System allows me To Toggle between heat and cooling and so will the new one But the old Thermostat Didn't Require a Common Wire but the New one Does. Both Stystems have 24 volt Power and i have an extra Wire That i Can Use for that but the question Is witch system do i Take The 24 volt Power From. I would like to take it from my Boiler as it is also my water heater so it is powered on all year round but i can leave power to my Air handler on also. The Green -G wire goes to the G on the Air Handler The Yellow -Y wire goes to the Y terminal on the Air Handler. The White -W wire goes to a zone valve on the Boiler. The Red-R wire goes to a zone valve on the Boiler. The Brown -Rc Terminal wire goes to...

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Back in the olden days, thermostats were simple on/off devices that didn’t need their own continuous power supply. Modern thermostats with Wi-Fi and backlit display, by contrast, need a steady supply of juice.

The C wire, or “common wire” enables the continuous flow of 24 VAC power to the thermostat.

Technically speaking, power flows from the R (red) wire, but not continuously (not on its own, anyway). To make it continuous requires a common wire to complete the circuit. When the circuit is complete, 24V energy will flow continuously.

If you’re considering purchasing a smart thermostat, you’re probably thinking of doing the installation yourself. After all, if you’re able to change a light switch or receptacle, you’re skilled enough to install a smart thermostat – assuming your system already has a C wire.

If your system has a C-wire, it might be in use or just tucked away behind your current thermostat.

If your system doesn’t have a C-wire,...

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When in the market for a new Honeywell thermostat, make sure you understand your Honeywell thermostat wiring needs before upgrading.

Q: I installed my new programmable thermostat, but it won’t turn on.

A: If you plan to upgrade to a new thermostat make sure you have the proper number of wires available, otherwise your new thermostat won’t work. If you do need additional wires, you will want to consider how difficult installing new wires will be for your application, and if you need to budget for an electrician or hvac tech to install the proper wiring.

Modern electronic thermostats are no different from any other technology, in that they can do more, but can also seem complicated to install and understand. One comfort to know is the basic wiring hasn’t changed much, with exception of an additional wire to get some programmable digital thermostats operating.

Note: For specific thermostat model installation manuals and wiring instructions, refer to our...

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Honeywell Pump Relay Wiring Description

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Often, the thermostat will separate from the wallplate with moderate pressure. Other times, there might be small screws holding the device in place. If you are unable to pull it off, please refer to your thermostat manufacturer's website or manual for removal instructions. NOTE: Do not place your old thermostat in the trash if it contains mercury in a sealed tube. Contact the Thermostat Recycling Corporation at or 1-800-238-8192 for information on how and where to properly and safely dispose of your old thermostat.

An extra unused wire in the wall can be used as the C wire for your new thermostat. The extra wire will also need to be connected to the C (common) terminal at the heating and cooling system. This will provide power to your new thermostat.

Please note that the C-wire is only needed for Wi-Fi connected thermostats [click here to see our Wi-Fi thermostats]. Most standard thermostats do not need a...

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Your old thermostat model may not have required a wire connected to a C terminal. Honeywell offers many great non-connected thermostats that do not require the need for a C wire to power the device. Most of these thermostats are powered by basic AAA or AA batteries.

The C wire or Common wire is necessary to provide 24-volt power to your Honeywell Wi-Fi or connected thermostat (exception is the Lyric Round) and for use with Apple HomeKit.

If this wire is not plugged into the C terminal, and you want to know if you have one or not, be sure to check if there is an extra wire that is pushed into the wall or wrapped around the wire bundle coming from the wall. Gently pull on the wire bundle to check whether there are any additional wires.

If you do find an extra wire, you can try connecting it to your thermostat's C terminal, but you must also ensure that the same wire is connected at the furnace's terminal panel. Please review our Thermostat Wiring Compatibility...

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When you read through the reviews I have on my website, you will notice that lots of manufacturers state their thermostats need a common wire in order to work properly. However, just because you don’t have the blue wire mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you can’t use various models.

My research has taken me on quite a journey in this respect, and so far I have come across three options that will help you overcome the common wire issue so many people suffer.

Unused C Wire Terminal

So you’ve decided to install your new thermostat and discover that you have an unused wire but you do need a C wire connection. In this really short video you will learn how to connect an unused wire so it can be used as your C wire, which in a lot of cases has solved the problem of a thermostat not working.

Substituting a G Wire for a C Wire

As you will notice from the information above, your ‘G’ wire connects to the fan (as industry standard) and is green in color....

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