Insulate ceiling, walls, or garage door?


The Best Way to Insulate Your Garage

With so many garage insulation options, make your choice easier. You’ll get the best insulation for your garage plans, and make it work with your budget. Some things to consider: your garage’s age and condition, the type of construction, and whether to insulate the ceiling, walls, or even the garage door.

Garage Age and Condition

If your garage is built with modern construction (within the last 20 years), the construction probably seals out most air leaks. For older garages, poor construction, time, and the weather can make it worse. The weather loosens joints, heaves floors, and makes the structure leaky, letting in air and moisture, and even rodents. For this reason—and even for newer construction—air-sealing and insulating a garage is critical, and the best product to achieve both is spray foam.

It’s even more beneficial for older construction, as using spray foam on the walls, ceiling, or roof adds...

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By Mark J. Donovan

See what insulation R-values are required for the various parts of your home, based upon the climate region you live in.

Wear Protective Clothing

When insulating your garage walls always wear full length clothing, a mask, and a pair of goggles, as fiberglass insulation can be irritating to your eyes, throat and skin. Follow the tips in this article on what to wear when installing fiberglass insulation.

Pay Attention to the Little Details

Also it is important to keep in mind when insulating a garage to do a neat job, such that there are no gaps in the insulation. Much of your efforts and money spent on insulation will be wasted if your finished insulated garage is peppered with small un-insulated gaps. Consider using a insulating foam sealant to seal the small gaps.

Also consider replacing the garage doors with insulated garage doors or insulating the garage doors, as garage doors can be a major source of heat loss. See...

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A room over a garage may look the same inside, but it is unlike most rooms in the rest of the house. In some cases, it’s better to treat this type of space as an independent structure instead of part of the main house, since it needs protection on most, if not all sides. While there is no single way to warm the space, a few methods working together can make the room more comfortable.

Garage Ceiling

Insulated ceilings minimize heat passing through as it rises, but insulating an unheated garage ceiling also may help reduce the chilling effect of cold air circulating underfoot. Some newer garages have insulated ceilings; older ones may not. If the garage ceiling is finished with plywood or drywall, chances are better that insulation exists. To check, you’ll need to cut a hole in the drywall and look inside with a flashlight, or remove a sheet of plywood. If the ceiling is not finished and you see no insulation, or if cutting into the drywall or removing plywood reveals...

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Insulating Your Garage

If you're like me, your garage is your oasis. A space where you can escape from the craziness and tinker around with your projects. Unfortunately, it's also the most uncomfortable space in your home.

Insulating and air sealing your garage will not only make your work more enjoyable, but you'll create a safer living environment for your family. You'll be able to get your work done without worrying about loud noises bothering the people on other side of the wall.

Air sealing and insulating your garage will also prevent deadly gases from entering your living spaces. All in all, not bad for a few hundred bucks and a weekend of your time.

Things to Consider when Insulating your Garage

Most garages are a refuge for all kinds of flammable and noxious stuff. Paint, gas, oil, cleaning products, pesticides and other chemicals are stored on garage shelves right next to the living spaces inside of your home. Battery...

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Ceilings, normal roof, low roof and roof off Wall insulation is a priority during home construction! Underfloor insulation a must for high set homes, with amazing results Garage Door insulation, can take 20 degrees out of your garage Renovations

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By insulating your roof, walls and floor you help to regulate the temperatures within your house. This also significantly reduces the load on your air conditioner. We also specialise in Garage Door Insulation the only company on the coast to do so.

Here at Green Earth we have a warehouse full of the best quality insulation products available and we can have you property insulated within 10 working days. Our salesmen will write an obligation free quote on site, measuring your property with a state of the art laser measure to ensure you are not overcharged on house size. They inspect the ceiling and give...

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