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you have to understand the dynamics involved. the goal is not just insulation, but intactness of the vapour barrier. you can have all the insulation in the world and it will do you no good if you allow nice warm air to enter into the insulation pocke
I have read a lot about proper insulation and ventilation, including some posts on this site, but none adequately answer my questions. My goal is to operate an electric heat source in the winter and have ~60 °F temperature maintained when working in
That is odd. If that's how the mice got in then you want to fill the blocks with gravel & then smooth that over with concrete or cement. If the mice didn't enter there then "Big Gap" spray can foam would be the insulation choice & best treatm
ROOF VENT SOFFIT + RIDGE NEEDED - CONTENTS: How do a soffit intake and ridge outlet vent work together on a roof and why are both needed? Adding a ridge vent alone can increase building heating costs. Adding soffit venting alone is ineffective. How t
Putting your computer inside the fridge isn't necessarily a problem by itself, but it is no solution either. But first, I do have a few comments beyond what I already read in other answers. Putting the warm laptop in a plastic bag or sleeve before pl
Uniform stud spacing is a mainstay of today’s construction practices because it allows builders to use wallboard, sheathing panels and other standard-size building materials with ease. In new residential construction, the most common stud spacing is
I have a 1 1/2 story portion on my house that has a finished office space and closet on one side. The room has no insulation as I've done a little work and had to take some drywall off the outer wall and the unfinished crawl space had none either. Be
If you're getting your roofing materials replaced and the roof decking exposed, you have a golden opportunity! What you could do is add several inches (4+", preferably 6+") of roofing polyiso over the exposed roof decking (no need to remove it unless
Sheds are used for all sorts of things nowadays. Many of these uses would make insulated sheds a necessity. Certain things, like electronics and specialty tools, store better when protected from extreme temperature changes