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The easy and fairly attractive solution is to use sound attenuation panels. You'll often see these in home theater settings. Hang them on the walls like you would a picture
I agree with Daniel Griscom. Get a Plumber or a new toilet or both to save yourself from the below ordeal, which isn't bad it's just experience. The plus is that you'll be able to unclog most any toilet thereafter
Insulating these pipes using pipe insulation reduces energy into unoccupied rooms and prevents condensation from occurring on cold and chilled pipework. Pipe insulation is also used on water supply pipework to help delay pipe freezing for an acceptab
Typically you want the basement insulation installed with the paper (vapor barrier) facing the heated part of the home. Moisture from inside air can condense and become trapped in the insulation during cold winter months leading to mold, especially a
I have a two year old Massachusetts house. The cement basement is unfinished and has pink insulation inbetween the joists with the pink side facing down. But the insulation seems to fall down often and seems like a dust/fiberglass dust problem and be
If your furnace is going full blast and you still have cold feet, the culprit may be your crawlspace insulation. Take a look under your house. Damp, dangling insulation is a sure sign of outdated or shoddy installation
For an attic with rolled fiberglass insulation, what is the proper way to perform work in the attic? Is it okay to just walk on top of the insulation, stepping where there are beams underneath it? Or is the proper way to roll up the insulation so tha
2) before it dries (just follow the installer around), throw big handfuls of chopped fiberglass (check in your area for a fiberglass supplier - its cheap and abundant). make sure you coat everywhere as much as you can. 3) once dry, spray again
I don't know if you have done a lot of work in attics. .
You are unlikely to find and Direct (plain english) codes or technical (health & safety) standards written for this in Washington. However, if you have a modern central heating system with centrally located return air grills (no return air in sma