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I have an unconditioned knee wall space. I wish to condition it but am faced with a small dilemma. My concern is: can I install fiberglass against the rafters (assuming I have baffles), if the vaulted ceiling leading up to the ridge vent is obstructe
Hello everyone, New to the forum. We just bought our 1st home and it's a new build (2012). It has a 20x21 garage which is just enough for my vette, harley and a work area
For old-house owners, the main attraction is that the small (3" diameter), flexible ducts can be snaked through walls and on top of ceilings without the need to cut big chases or drop a ceiling. And unlike the large wall-, floor-, or ceiling-mounted
Installing insulation in the wall cavities between the studs is necessary if you want your finished basement to feel warm. You have several choices in the type of insulation you choose. Friction fit fiberglass insulation with an R-value of about R-15
The breaker box is located in the laundry room of the house, which itself is an air conditioned space. I bought the house in the summer and this winter the room has been extremely cold even when the rest of the rooms in the house are warm. Upon inves
While summer is almost gone the autumn is on its way along with its cold rainy weather and chilly winds. Is your home well insulated? Insulation investment is one of the smartest ways to reduce your monthly bills while improving the thermo-characteri
Rigid foam board, commonly called blueboard or beadboard, is commonly used as ceiling insulation. It's easy to install in a difficult, over-the-head manner, moisture and rot resistant and provides a higher R-value rating, inch for inch, than either f
I have a large (860 sq. ft. ) attic that is uninsulated
I live in Maine and am planning to insulate my basement. It has fairly smooth poured concrete walls. I've read online that spray foam is one option, and 2" of XPS directly against the wall is another option