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By: Teresa When looking for window treatments for a sunroom there are a few main objectives to keep in mind. These include: light transmission, glare, visibility, privacy, and insulation. Depending on the age and location of the home, some or all of
Roxul is safer than pink or fiberglass insulation, and a few pieces against your windows will be quite safe (but not beautiful). However, if your basement walls are not insulated, I doubt putting Roxul in the windows will make any perceivable differe
I think the key thing is to use a quality house wrap made for the concrete/fiber lap siding. Concrete fiber siding will transfer moisture much more readily then wood, vinyl, etc. Products like DuPont DrainWrap (essentially their standard house wrap t
I'm in the process of converting a 10'x11' bedroom into a master bathroom. I plan on removing the ceiling soon and it will be replaced when the drywallers come in a month or two. My question is, should I use some sort of a tarp or something to cover
We just had fiberglass batt insulation installed in the crawl space under our house. There is a strong odor coming from the crawl space that was not there this morning before the work was done. I've never smelled anything like it and it is hard to de
Hi, New here was recommended from the PY( pontiac forums) website. I have a 24X40 stick built garage ( New Hampshire) not yet 2 years old. has a full foundation ( code) 2x4 walls, t-111, 2x10 ridge board, and 2x8 rafters, with 2x6 ties
I have a 1920's home in Ohio, and have NO soffit venting in the house. There are 2 gable vents, with one small temp-controlled fan (set to turn on ~95 F or higher). There is also a ridge vent
There are two reasons to avoid insulation inside ducts -- you have found out one already, and the other lurks in the shadows, waiting to spring upon unsuspecting folks years down the road First, of course, the insulation inside the ducts can emit gas
I have a hip-roofed garrison colonial in New England, with blown-in cellulose. I have two whole-house fans ("half-house fans"?), and to give enough attic venting I have continuous soffit vents on all four sides of the house. Problem: some of the cell
I'm in the process of insulating my shed-turned-office. I've installed typical fiberglass insulation in the walls, and currently have some 8x4 sheets of rigid foam insulation tacked to the bottom of the (recently-installed) ceiling joists. This does