Is any of this plumbing work a code violation?

Who's involved? How long does it take? Alternative resolutions? Potential costs to owners?

This is a review of the code violation process and how the general public can become more aware of the steps which are necessary to have violations corrected.

Who are the inspectors?
The Department employs a variety of inspectors including, plumbing, electrical, constructions, boiler, sprinkler, elevator, and code enforcement inspectors. While all enforce the building code, most of the enforcement activity is carried out by code enforcement inspectors. The authority of the inspectors to enforce the building code extends to almost all buildings in the City. All inspectors have the authority to issue orders and citations to correct conditions.

Order to Correct Conditions
Orders are legal documents which order the owner to make repairs, and set a time limit for completing them. The time limits are based on the severity of the condition and the inspector's judgment...

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Stop Work Orders

The Department issues Stop Work Orders (SWO) when inspectors determine the work is in violation of the Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution or any law or rule enforced by the Department; and when work at a site is being done in an unsafe manner. SWOs are issued to protect workers, residents, the public, buildings and properties.

The Department’s authority to issue a Stop Work Order is found in §28-207.2 of the NYC Administrative Code.

Full Stop Work Order


work is prohibited, excluding remedial work required to make the site safe, as authorized by the Commissioner.

Partial Stop Work Order

A partial SWO does not stop all work on a site: certain work or work in a particular area is prohibited, except remedial work required to make the site safe.

Violating a Stop Work Order

It is a violation of Section


for any individual with knowledge or notice of a SWO to allow, authorize, promote,...

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On 7/10/2017 in the early evening (around 5 PM), we discovered very soft and saturated ground in our front yard. I suspected a water main leak so we placed a call to our water line warranty company. They referred us to Moon Valley Plumbing and Rooter.

Despite being after hours, I received a call less than two hours later from a staff member. They advised me that a plumber would be out first thing the next morning to investigate the leak.

Travis Jr and Cole showed up, as promised, at 8 AM sharp. Within minutes, they had discovered the source of the leak. It turns out it was a “tee” off the main that goes to our irrigation system which was, unfortunately, not covered by our warranty.

Despite being a warranty call that wasn’t covered, Travis Jr gave us a *very fair estimate* for the work to be done and we proceeded with the repair. We also had him do a rebuild of the riser and replace the pressure reducing valve.

A couple of hours later, the work was...

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