Is gravel and sand a suitable base for concrete pavers?


Versatile, beautiful and DIY-friendly, today's patio pavers are an ideal choice for any hardscape plan.

By Joe Provey

Pavers are a versatile, DIY-friendly landscaping material that can be used for laying paths, steps, driveways, pool surrounds and patios around your yard. They have been used for thousands of years to improve comfort when walking outside of homes and for creating places in which friends and family can gather.

Pavers are typically made from concrete, clay and stone. They can also be made from recycled materials, which are called composite pavers. Concrete pavers can be dyed to almost any color. In addition to looking like concrete, they can be molded to look like clay bricks, cobblestone, flagstone — you name it. The shapes are usually rectangular, but other shapes, including hexagons, interlocking and irregular shapes are available. A nice feature with many concrete pavers is the molded-in spacers that make laying them easier.


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Patio built with Concrete Patio Pavers

Here is another wonderful home improvement project

that can make your back yard more functional, offer more value and aesthetic appeal, and even make your weekends more fun. Perhaps you have already discovered you need a beautiful, functional patio to entertain a handful of friends, or perhaps you want to set up a barbecue for twenty-five or more special guests.

In building a DIY patio, size actually makes little difference,

the pride and achievement experienced from building even the smallest patio can last for many years. The simple procedure to build a concrete-paver patio is essentially the same as building other sand-based patios.

Regardless of size, you can do it yourself. What is the best material for a patio? Why Concrete Pavers? There are many choices, but concrete pavers are

one of the most popular. Concrete pavers are one of the best materials offered and commonly...

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Make a plan.

A good plan is essential to a successful paver project. Think about where you want your path,


, or


, and then use graph paper to make a scaled drawing of the immediate area.


in your paver project. You'll have to play around with your design a bit, so be sure to use pencil and keep your drawing neat. Your project will need to have adequate drainage if you want it to be safe and durable. You'll also want to make sure that it slopes away from your house and other structures. To ensure adequate drainage, you should have a slope of at least 1/8" per linear foot (1/4" slope per linear foot is often recommended).

/2/26/Install Pavers Step 1 Version...

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Sand and gravel are sold by weight, in any quantity from a truckload (9 tons) to a 5 gallon bucket full (50 lbs). Minimums apply for delivery. Pictures, including a standard size (2’x3-1/2”) business card for size comparison, are intended for general information and cannot be relied upon for color accuracy. And remember, stone is a natural product and can change from load to load. Be sure to stop in and see before you buy.


Child Health Sand – high purity, sub-angular sand, a light yellowish-tan color very similar to beach sand White Sand – high purity, sub-angular, high silica, white in color All-Purpose Sand – “concrete” sand: a mix of coarse to fine particles suitable for mixing concrete, dry-setting pavers; high purity, sub-angular, a light yellowish tan color, "Polymeric" Sweeping Sand Sandblasting Sand - #000 (fine), #00 (medium), #0 (coarse), #1 (extra coarse) Black Beauty Sandblasting...
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Base material: (check with local supplier) should be 3/4” or 1/2” gravel including particle sizes down to fine dust. 1” depth of compacted base weighs approximately 1200 lbs. Per 100 sq.ft. (9.3 sq. Meters). Always add 5-10% for edges and miscellaneous areas.

Sand: (coarse concrete sand or other suitable bedding material) 1” depth, approximately 900 lbs. Per 100 sq. Ft. Figure extra 5% for jointing sand.

Pavers: Do not forget to factor any soldier course (bordering) pavers in your calculations. You will need to know how many linear feet of project perimeter.

PAVE EDGE: steel spikes (10” length x 3/8” diameter)

Tools needed:

Grade stakes Wide blade masons chisel Masons string (twine) Stiff bristle street broom 3-5 pound hammer Hard tooth garden rake Chalk line 25 ft. Measure tape 1" diameter sand screed guides (pipe, wood, etc.) Sand screed board 6-8 ft. Length of a...
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Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel sells 6 types of Bulk Aggregate at the Seattle plant located in Ballard. These high quality sand and gravel products can meet a variety of construction specifications and applications, as well as fill the needs of many homeowner and DIY projects. The appropriate aggregate can be blended with cement to make concrete, grout, mortar and stucco or used specifically for driveways, drainage or the backyard sand box.

These products may be scheduled for delivery direct to your location or picked up in small loads with a utility trailer or pickup truck. In addition we can load Solo Dump Trucks out of our batch plant and barges pulled into our barge slip, if you have a larger project or one located on the water. For difficult placements or export shipments we can also supply our aggregates in Bulk Bags of various weights and yields.


Sand & Gravel...

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Welcome to Invisible Structures, Inc.

For over 34 years we have provided the finest in grass porous paving, gravel porous paving, underground stormwater storage, erosion control, drainage, and access mats. As we go into our 35th year, we will continue to provide you with the highest quality, environmental site development and stormwater management products available.

Our Products

Beachrings2 - a beach wheelchair alternative - is a portable, reusable, temporary boardwalk and access mat system. Beachrings2 can be used for flooring and walkways ...

Draincore2 geocomposite drainage and conveyance layer is used for advanced subsurface and greenroof applications. A replacement for antiquated French drains. Draincore2 is a high volume ...


grass paver

allows you to park, drive, walk, ride, or lounge on a beautiful grass surface. It performs the functions of asphalt or ...


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Gravel and Sand Products

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel is a smooth rounded stone in a range of colors from white to brown. Pea Gravel is commonly used for paths, pond beds, landscape beds, parking lots and driveways.

57 River Gravel

57 stone is 1/2”-3/4” grey gravel. It works best for drains, driveways and erosion control.

Egg Rock

Crushed granite material, commonly called Crush-and-Run, is an alternate top concrete for foundation work. It is used as the bases for paver and stone patios, walls and driveways.

White or River Sand

Masonry Sand (white sand) or River Sand (brown) is useful for a variety of landscaping projects from dressing a lawn’s soil or filling a sandbox to being a cushion beneath above ground pool liners or filling in between brick pavers. Sand is available loose or bagged.

Granite Dust

Granite dust is used for the installation of stone and concrete pavers. Granite dust (sand) can be leveled...

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The terms permeable and porous pavers refer to pavers which allow water to percolate through them.

Permeable pavers present a solid surface but allow natural drainage and migration of water into the earth by permitting water to drain through the spaces between the pavers.

Porous pavers, on the other hand, present a surface with "holes" which can be filled with vegetation or aggregate depending upon the need. Porous/permeable pavers provide the same advantages as traditional concrete pavers, including resistance to heavy loads, flexibility of repair, low maintenance, exceptional durability, and high quality.

Uses For Permeable Concrete Pavers br> Driveways, Patios and more

This type of interlocking paver can support heavier vehicle loads and can be installed in running-bond, basket weave, and herringbone patterns.

These heavy duty permeable pavers were used for a container port application in Latin America.

Porous Concrete Pavers...

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