Is it acceptable to cut studs to install an electrical panel?



Determine load. Based on the load you want to serve, (meaning how much current in amps will be needed from the outlets) a 14-2 Romex® cable, which is a relatively thin cable suitable for up to 15 amps (or 12 amps continuous load) could be selected. Otherwise, a 12-2 Romex® cable, which is one size larger than 14-2 Romex® cable and suitable for up to 20 amp circuits (or 16 amps continuous load) is the other size cable installed for outlets. Most home's outlets are wired with 14-2 Romex®, that supply up to 8 outlets per circuit. Oversimplified, the National Electrical Code (NEC) mandates outlets in the kitchen and dining room must be served by 20 amp circuits. A 12-2 Romex® circuit would provide for this (installing a 30 amp dryer outlet or 50 amp range / welding outlet is beyond the scope of this article, but is similar).


Inspect your breaker box prior to running a new cable to make sure you have additional space for breakers. It is best to identify...

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In this video we will learn how to install an electrical panel.

The electrical panel is the center for the distribution of current out to the electrical circuits.

It regroups all of the essential protective modules to avert risk for the users.

To learn more about main and individual circuit breakers, please watch the video "How to add a circuit breaker to an electrical panel”.

Before doing this project, turn off the electrical supply at the mains, and the subscriber’s circuit breaker.

To install an electrical panel, you will need an electrical panel, main and individual circuit breakers, 4 screws and 4 wall plugs, connector strips, 1.5 to 16 mm2 conductors, a pencil, a level, a tape measure , a wire cutter, a wire stripper, a set of screwdrivers, a drill and a hammer.

This project will be carried out in five steps which we will demonstrate in this video.

Choose the panel in function of the size and scope of the...

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Electrical Panel Installation
Electrical Question: Can I feed a second sub-panel from the one I currently have in my home?

I have one in my basement for the for the whole house, but would like one sub-panel for each floor. If so, what is the best and easiest way to go about this?

Thank you.
Background: Scott, a Handyman from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Scott.

Installing an Electrical Sub Panel

Application: Installing an Electrical Sub Panel.
Skill Level: Advanced – Best performed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
Tools Required: Electricians pouch of hand tools and the various power tools necessary for installing the sub-panel.
Estimated Time: Depends on the type and size of the panel and available access to the project area.
Precaution: Any existing electrical wiring within the immediate area that may interfere with the installation of the sub panel should...

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I got the largest enclosure they do, a 42" tall one. Be warned, this is not inexpensive. The total cost for the parts came to just under $1000 and I purchased all of the On-Q parts from

1 x OQEN4250 On-Q Enclosure with Hinged Door, 42 In.
1 x OQ36456902 On-Q Duplex Outlet Kit with Surge Protection
1 x OQ36426601 On-Q Power Strip Module
1 x OQ36490401 On-Q Universal Mount Plate, Full Width
2 x OQ36348601 On-Q 8-Port Network Interface Module
1 x OQCO1000 On-Q 6-Port Phone/Data Module
1 x OQDA1054 On-Q 4-Port Gigabit Router/Switch
1 x OQDA1008 On-Q 8-Port Gigabit Network Switch
2 x OQPW7760 On-Q Power Supply, 12VDC, 18W
1 x OQWP1000WH On-Q Pre-Configured Strap (Phone, Data & Blank), White Color: White

You'll also want a number of Ethernet outlets - I used Cat6 Punch Down Keystone Jacks from...

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If you want to add several electrical circuits to your backyard storage shed or studio shed you will need to add an electrical sub panel with circuit breakers. This allows you to have multiple circuits in the shed. You can then have separate lighting and power circuits in the shed.

Other typical reasons for adding a circuit breaker are finishing a basement or adding power to a garage. This article teaches you how to add a circuit.

Install a electrical circuit breaker sub panel when your main circuit panel is full and you need to add more circuits. Sub panels can be installed both next to the main electrical panel or close to the area you are bringing power to such as when finishing a basement, adding an addition to your home or you simply need more power in the garage.

brief how to

In this article, you will find information about:

Install The Sub Panel Box Pull The Feeder Cable Between The Sub Panel and Main Electrical Panel ...
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Sometimes it's necessary to have a quick way of access the inside of a wall, where plumbing and electrical connections are located. The best way to accomplish this is by installing an access panel that has a clean look but allows you to access the inner wall. Cutting out the hole for the access panel is the most important step in the process, as the hole needs to be square and the correct size to give a polished appearance.

Press an electric stud finder against the wall to locate the studs behind the drywall. Use a pencil to mark the location between two studs where you want to install your access panel.

Cut a small pilot hole about 2 inches wide using a drywall saw. Shine a flashlight into the hole to make sure the panel will access the desired space.

Place the frame of the access panel against the wall between the two pencil marks that show the location of the studs. Place a small bubble level on top of the frame and align the frame so that it sits square on...

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Expert step-by-step do-it-yourself advice on how to install sheet paneling, including preparation.

There is a paneling style for almost every decor. Choices include rustic boards, frame-and-panel designs with or without molding, and elaborate raised panels. You can cover an entire wall or choose waist- or shoulder-high wainscoting.

Installing sheet wall paneling is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project.

Paneling can be made from fine hardwoods or inexpensive pine. Finishes run the gamut as well. Panels can be given a clear finish, or they can be painted, stained, or coated with any number of decorative finishes.

Paneling is sold in two forms: sheets and boards. Sheets are typically 4 by 8 feet. Boards range from 3/8 to 7/8 inch in thickness, but the most common are 1/2 and 3/4 inch. Boards come in widths of between 3 and 10 inches and may have either square, tongue-and-groove, or shiplap edges.

Before installing paneling, place the materials...

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Rite.... I'm surprized you feel that way....

I'll admit.... quality and standards is a matter of opinion... and I may be off base in my requirements... but I will guarantee you that you would not work fior me.....

and I'm sure you would not want to.

As to me bashing someone, I'm giving an opinion that a sparky that comes in and cuts studs, without determination of structural issue, hangs a panel off only one stud support, overcuts the drywall (without prior agreement understanding of StartingOver,) and says the panel will support the wall, is doing a substandard job.... sometimes referred as a "hack".

That pardner is my opinion.... I understand you do not agree and we all have different standards... good to know...

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Hi people!

I have a 100 amp Siemens Electrical panel I have installed in a 24' X 24' garage I built outside my home.

My brother has been working on the electrical for me and doing a pretty darn good job.

However, I had one question I'd like to get an opinion on regarding the panel "cut-in" as he is completing the hook-ups:

The panel has two vertical silver colored bars on each side of the breaker bar.

My brother hooked up the neutral wires on the left side and the ground wires on the right side vertical bars.

After trimming the neutrals and grounds and hooking them up as just described, he noticed that the panel instructions stated that the ground wires should be hooked to the left vertical silver bar and the neutrals to the right side vertical silver bar - - which is the reverse of what he did.

HOWEVER - both the left side and right side vertical silver bars are connected together by a horizontal metal bar.... and my brother...

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