Is it possible to increase CRI of LED lights/strips by using different ones together?



For some LED strips once you cut the strip that's it.

That particular brand is linkable once it has been cut. It appears to be DC as opposed to AC so the link would require the correct polarity.

Looking at the product page it does not appear to show any link connectors, rather just the live ends (the part that feeds from the transformer). But that is not to say it may or may not come with a couple of linkable connectors.

Some hardware stores stock basic LED strips like this but chances are they won't sell individual parts. And there is a high probability it may be slightly off in size if you did find one that was a similar match. With the sensitivity of LEDs that could lead to the LED working part of the time or not working at all after it has been...

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Recently I purchased 10 meters of non water proofed 3285 RGB LED strip. Its resistors and LEDs are soldered on flimsy flex which may tear. What can I do to make it strong? I'm planning to stick it on duct tape but I couldn't get the tape of same with as the strip. I'm looking for alternatives.

I'm not intended to stick the strip on surfaces as how others normally do. Yes, the strip has the adhesive backings. I need to temporarily roll it on a vertical pole (in helical form) for decoration, which must be removed after a month. I need to reuse the strip. Sticking it to the pole is not allowed.

I didn't measure the thickness of the flex but its very thin I afraid it might tear. It could be around 0.1mm. Width is...

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First I would go with warm white lights not the cool white, I think it makes a softer look to the bedroom.

In terms of the switching, yes a push button switch would work fine, you just have to make sure that the switch is within spec for the lights used. I have rather opted for a dimmable solution with my childrens beds. since they like to have some light at night. a good option here is this:

Its rated up to 8 amps, so if you look at the strip in your post, it consumes 2.5amps per 5m section used. (provided that you buy a transformer that can supply up to the required amps (ie 2.5amps per meter) -- you can buy a smaller amp transformer, but the lights will not be optimally bright at the highest level.

Your switches are only rated 3 amps, which means you can run about 5 meters of your spec LED Strip. -- Also to note, I would go with a stronger LED strip, generally 1 amp per meter is a nice powerful light (then you would only need a meter per...

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This really depends what you are trying to light. Mostly in terms of what the colors of the items you are trying to illuminate.

Color science is a deep field and is not very well understood by many. Even less is understood about how different colors impact the human body. (Although we are getting there) If you begin to read about it you will soon understand that CRI is fairly full of **** and not a great metric for judging light quality. Sadly it is what people have began to understand and changing to a new metric would be like trying to covert the US to the metric system. (Even if it would be way smarter)

Many LED's you will find are 60+ or 70+ CRI. There are 2 main reasons for this. The first is output. To create a higher CRI LED manufacturers generally have to use more red phosphor. This phosphor is less efficient than the phosphors that are used for the green and blue spectrum. Secondly, all phosphor is expensive but red is more expensive than the...

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Color Rendering Index (CRI)

In this installment of EagleLight's LED University we will discuss CRI or the color rendering index.

LED CRI Defined

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the relative ability of a light source to replicate colors generated by a reference light source of the same color temperature. It is measured as a number between 0 and 100.

LED CRI Explained

This is often used to compare a light source ability to replicate the sun. In this case the sun is the reference light source. In layman's terms a CRI of 80 means that the

LED light bulb

is replicating 80% of the visible color spectrum that the sun would produce at the same color temperature. A CRI of 100%, taken at a color temperature of noon day sunlight will exactly reproduce the colors found on a sunny day at noon. A CRI of 50% taken at noon day sun will partially reproduce the colors when compared to that of a normal noon day.

If you...

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Explaining the possibilities of LED strip lighting, what it is and what it can do for you. Anyone can install LED strip lights and they can be used almost anywhere, this article provides basic and technical information on how to release its full potential.

LED strip or LED tape is a versatile lighting solution that provides endless possibilities. Let me start by explaining what it actually is:

LED lighting strip in its essence, is a continuous row of LEDs that have been soldered together with resistors to form a circuit. When powered by a power supply or driver, the LEDs produce a seamless light, similar to a fluorescent. LEDs are low voltage and require a DC (direct current supply) which is usually 12 or 24 volt DC. When connecting the strips to a mains voltage power source, the use of a power supply of LED driver must be used. The power of the driver is determined by the wattage and the length of the strip.

There are three main types of LED strips; the first...

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What is LED?

A light-emitting diode (LED) is a two-lead semiconductor light source. It resembles a basic pn- junction diode, which emits light when activated.[7] When a fitting voltage is applied to the leads, electrons are able to recombine with electron holes within the device, releasing energy in the form of photons. This effect is called electroluminescence, and the color of the light (corresponding to the energy of the photon) is determined by the energy band gap of the semiconductor.

How LEDs work?

A LED directly converts electricity into light. LEDs are made from joining together two semiconducting materials. On one side is a 'p-type' semiconducting material on the other side is a 'n-type' semiconducting material. P and N stand for positive and negative. These different materials are made by taking a pure semiconductor such as silicon, then mixing in small amounts of impurities such as Aluminium and Phosphorus, in a process known as doping....

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Opal lives in a 3 x 2 x 2 custom enclosure that I designed and built. Her substrate is bioactive. There’s about an inch and a half of Growstones at the bottom for drainage, on top of which sits 5-8 inches of top soil, peat and coir, with a little shredded sphagnum moss and charcoal thrown in the mix. Over that goes dried leaf litter and bits of bark and moss. My cleaner invertebrates are isopods and springtails. They’re still in the process of getting fully established, so I spot clean any waste and will continue to do so until I see evidence that they can deal with it quickly.

For heating I use an 80W radiant heat panel on a Hydrofarm thermostat. Surface temperatures range from 88-90F directly under the panel to 78-80F under the hide on the cool end. Lighting is a 6500K LED bar on a 12h timer. I also have some colour-variable LED strip lighting for night viewing, but I usually leave it off overnight so I don’t disrupt her day/night cycle too much.

Six vents, three up...

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No. Using one source with good CRI is better than combining several poor CRIs. RGB leds are the most exaggerated example: when set to appear white, color rendition is HIDEOUS. That's because their emission peaks don't quite match with human eye sensitivity peaks. And you can never get a perfect match, because there are several types of pigments around our gene pool and even if you match one person's sensitivity, another one may disagree.

You're much better off trying to find one good LED (most likely a multi-phosphor one) or even foregoing LEDs at all and getting a decent FL. Simply speaking, of all home light sources, LEDs are the worst at color rendition.

BTW, you can also try monochromatic light of some nice, warm color. Our brains are quite good at white balance (anyone remember the white/blue dress?), and 100% red or amber light will look actually less upsetting than imperfect...

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Q: I didn't pay attention to + or - when I cut off excess 120 wire from transformer and hooked a new plug back on with them reversed. lights worked for about a day but won't work anymore. Did I burn out the LED ribbon lights? - by Dan (Portland, OR) A: Not sure what was cut, please call customer service 800-245-8131. Q: How many lumens/ft does this strip output? - by Andrew A: 1 cool white 1 ft strip is 34.8 lumens. More information can be found here: Q: I'm building a display case and I wanted to use led strips to light it. The problem is that I want it to have a fairly decent CRI and most strips are either poor or unlisted.
Do you offer any high cri strips?
Can I wire an RGB unit to emit all colors? If so would it be a good CRI?
Do you know if combining different white temperatures would improve CRI? I know that was the thing to...
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LED lighting for homes is the best method for interior home lighting today. While LED lights are not inexpensive, the long lifetimes and low power use mitigate the initial high cost. Still, navigating the myriad choices of LED lighting, on top of the choices that exist today for interior lighting, can confuse and intimidate.

I’m not talking about just replacing existing Edison-style, incandescent bulbs with LED equivalents. If all you’re looking for is a replacement for ordinary light bulbs, we already have you covered. Instead, we’ll cut a broader swath, looking at LED interior lighting in a more general way. During our extensive kitchen remodeling project, I spoke with several contractors and lighting sales people about the current state of LED lighting. Both the underlying technology and interior lighting products have evolved rapidly in the past few years. That rapid evolution, however, has also generated huge confusion.

One thing is clear: compact fluorescent...

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I could not have designed and built this house without our good friend Google. I created all of the 3-D drawings in the free version of SketchUp, and I researched literally every component of this house using Google's indispensable search engine.

Unfortunately Google is nearly useless for researching items that are aggressively marketed online, particularly LED lights. The problem is that discount LED vendors use every trick in the book to rank among the top Google search results, so it's nearly impossible to find helpful online advice about how to buy LED strip lights.

Until recently I had only a dim (ha!) idea of what components we'd need for LED strip lighting. But now that we've figured it all out and completed our lighting schedule, I'd like to share what I've learned about illuminating a room primarily with LEDs.

Not all LED lights are created equal

I do not usually use all-caps (the Internet equivalent of screaming), but this is hugely...

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Frequently Asked Questions


General: Custom Orders, Shipping,

Power: Power supply, connections, wires

Control: Dimmers, RGB Controllers, Remotes, DMX

Strips: Connecting, Sizing, Installation

Other: Lifespan, Usage


Q: Are flexible LED strips easy to install?
A: Yes, they are easy to install. In most cases you just plug the power supply in to the controller/dimmer (which then connects to the LED strip), and then plug the power supply into a normal outlet.

Q: I need a 24' section of Flex Strip. Can you make one for me?
A: Yes, we can make you custom lengths or you can follow our How To section to do it yourself.

Q: How long will it take to get my order?
A: In most cases, your order will ship the same or next day and most shipping options take 1-3 days for customers in the USA.

Q: If i need something right away can you ship it overnight?
A: Yes we can - just call...

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Accent cove lighting example with UltraBright Design Series LED strip lighting

90% of customers found this information helpful before choosing their LED strip lights

The use of flexible LED strip lights is rapidly rising in modern lighting design around the world. Architects and lighting designers are implementing LED strip lights into residential, commercial, and industrial projects at an increasing rate. This is due to an increase in efficiency, color options, brightness, and ease of installation. A homeowner can now design like a lighting professional with a complete lighting kit and an hour or two.

There are many options on the market for LED strip lights (also called LED tape lights or LED ribbon lights) and there is no clear-cut standard for how to choose LED strip lights. We have created this guide to educate experts and newcomers alike.

New to LEDs?

What are LED strip lights and what can they do?

LED strip light...

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Here's an easy-to-understand comparison between LED chip numbers and sizes.

TL/DR: The numbers 5050, 3528, 2835, etc correlate to the size of the chip, in millimeters! Some are brighter than others and some give off more light per watt. The chip you need depends on the use-case. Read below for more information.

Before you start, are you new to LEDs?:

What are LED strip lights and what can they do?

LED Strip Light Examples and Ideas / Customer submitted Gallery

LED strip lighting can be manufactured with a variety of LED chips. The numbers you see such as 3528 and 5050 refer to the size of the chip. The older style strips that have been popular for a few years now are the sizes seen above. Currently, there are even smaller and more efficient LED chips on the market with the sizes of 2835, 3014, 5630, and 3020. Each have benefits when used properly. No "one" chip can rule them all.

So, what is the difference between SMD 5050 and...

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We have the largest selection of UL Listed LED Strip Lights for all your indoor and outdoor waterproof linear lighting needs. Ideal strip light applications include, signage, interior and exterior lighting, back lighting, accent lighting, under cabinet, over cabinet, landscape, bar, club, architectural, entertainment, and any other areas where long lasting, eco friendly illumination is needed. We stock a variety of single color, RGB and RGBW Color Changing LED Strips which can produce over 16 million color hues. All of our Ribbon Star LEDs are rated for 50,000 lifetime hours and have a 2 year warranty. Each strip light roll is hand tested for quality assurance, UL Listed for class 2 low voltage luminaries and fixtures, RoHS and CE...

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