Is it possible to install an occupancy sensor switch to control 3 light fixtures?


I agree, detection is a serious issue in a bathroom with stalls of any kind. Another place this issue comes up a lot is public bathrooms with toilet stalls.

LEDs make this a lot easier to deal with, because you can just leave a light "always-on", at only 3-5 watts it takes no more power than a common "night-light", yet provides gives a genuinely useful amount of light. In my commercial spaces I do just that, adding an small LED to the fluorescent troffers which are over the toilet stalls.

They also make down-lights with detectors built-in, however, they aren't necessarily tub/shower rated.

For those hardware tinkerers out there, there's an emerging trend: 12 volt occupancy sensors are becoming readily available, and 12V LED bulbs and fixtures have been available for awhile. That's interesting for bathrooms and pools, because 12V is a much safer voltage unlikely to electrocute...

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Edward Hine: I been thinking about buying a sensor switch but wasn't sure about hooking it up. You were very informative I'm going to give it a try. Thanks.

C Toumi: Clear and precise presentation - Thank you for sharing

Junior Mcintosh: is it possible to have two(2) 3-way sensor switch controlling one light fixture...?

Monisa Montoya: The school that I worked in installed these type of sensors in each classroom. If the teacher sat down for example giving a test- the lights go off so the instructors had to keep walking around.

Brad Davies: Chuck Norris would never turn off the breaker switch.

Sarah Gould: Do occupancy sensors stop working? Do we just replace it or could it be something with the wiring?

ifraz I: Hi

Hope my questions can be answered.

Is Motion Sensing Switch is better or Occupancy Sensing Switch is better is babies are there in the room.

There were three wires, i am aware of two...

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3-Way and 4-Way Occupancy Sensors for Indoor Motion Detector Applications

Electrical Question: How do I install a motion a sensor to control lights?

I have a three family home unit and in the common stairwell I have a 3-way switch on the first floor, a 4 way switch on the second floor and a 3 way switch on the 3rd floor which are all controlling the common stairway lighting. My question is how do I install a motion sensor so all the lights will go on when my tenants leave their apt at night? Can you please help?
Thank you

This electrical wiring question came from: Craig, a Homeowner from Bristo, Connecticut.

Dave’s Reply:
Thanks for your electrical wiring question Craig.

How to Wire 3-Way and 4-Way Occupancy Sensors

Hi Craig, you have asked a great question. Consider installing 3 -way occupancy sensor switches that have a wide angle coverage and variable time delays. These 3-way occupancy sensor switches may replace the...
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State energy codes in the United States, which must be at least as stringent as the ASHRAE/IES 90.1-1999 standard, require automatic shutoff of lighting in commercial buildings greater than 5,000 square feet in size, with few exceptions. Scheduling devices, such as intelligent control panels or occupancy sensors, can accomplish this task.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, energy savings from using such devices can range from 40% to 46% in classrooms, 13% to 50% in private offices, 30% to 90% in restrooms, 22% to 65% in conference rooms, 30% to 80% in corridors, and 45% to 80% in storage areas. Besides providing a means of minimizing energy consumption, additional uses of occupancy sensors include security (by indicating that an area is occupied), and minimizing light pollution (by reducing the usage of lighting operating at night), whether it be outdoor lighting or indoor lighting emitting through windows or skylights.

Occupancy sensors are...

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LED products work very well with electrical controls such as dusk-to-dawn sensors, daylight harvesting controls, timers, etc. On the other hand, a compact fluorescent (CFL) requires a non-electronic, or mechanical control. The problem using any control device with CFL’s is voltage leak. Some photo controls actually leak a small amount of electrical current in the off position. The best way to test if your existing photocell is compatible with CFLs is to measure the voltage at the socket when the sun is shining brightly - a digital meter is required. The voltage should be 0.0VAC. When you see any other reading, it is possible that it is not compatible. Precision's dusk-to-dawn photocells work well with a CFL, LED, Solar or Induction lighting system. These types of dusk-to-dawn sensors work well with CFL’s because they are either totally on or off and without current leak. Click here to see the Precision 24V Photocell Catalog Page.

An excellent choice for use in 24...

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