Is it possible to put portable air conditioner outside the house?


Did You Know?
Compared to window air conditioners that have an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 10, portable units manage about half, with an EER of 5 or 6.

Portable air conditioners are units that can be transferred from one room to another. This gives them an edge over the traditional cooling platforms. However, what they do require is a venting outlet, which can either be a window or a wall. Once the unit has been installed in the room, a suitable outlet can be selected and the vent positioned over it. Here are some FAQs regarding portable air conditioner venting.

1. Do portable air conditioners require outside venting? Is it possible to use a portable air conditioner without a vent?
All air conditioners need to vent hot air from a room. However, the hot air need not be vented outside a window. It can be vented into a room, like a storage one, where high temperatures aren't an issue. Portable air conditioners require a vent to function properly. Moreover,...

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With summer fast approaching and climate change ensuring temperature extremes become greater each year, it begs the question – what’s going to keep you cool? Some are lucky enough to have dedicated air conditioning units installed in their homes and this would be an ideal scenario, but not everybody gets to experience such a luxury.

So what’s the next best thing?

You’ll be happy to know that cooling technology has come a long way from those clunky old evaporative coolers you might have seen your parents using. There are now portable air conditioning units that perform almost on par with those dedicated versions and many are whisper quiet.

While there is no standout product, many of the portable air conditioner units receive great reviews and the range of products means finding one to suit your needs is simple.

If you’re thinking of going down this path then there are a few things to be aware of:

Noise level Energy Efficiency Sizing Warranty...
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Good news, Captain Planet: The most energy-efficient portable air conditioners are also the best portable air conditioners. Yes, they help keep your electric bill in check, but they also cool faster and keep you more comfortable. That’s always a good thing, but especially in brutally hot and humid weather, where an inefficient AC may not do much at all.

We considered only models with a dual-hose design and a high energy-efficiency ratio (EER). Those two specs have the biggest, broadest impact on efficiency and cooling ability.

A dual-hose portable AC usually cools a room faster, using less energy overall, than a single-hose design, especially in very hot weather. In more moderate heat, the dual-hose advantage shrinks—but they’re almost never less efficient. The DOE concluded that dual-hose models use about 15 percent less energy than single-hose models on average. During our research, dismissing all the single-hose models cut the field of candidates from 103...

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Summer's here and we are all sweating. If you spend any time outside, you'll end up wet. Things are worse when you get to hotter climates. Summer is also the time for drives to see relatives, friends and places. But what if you don't have air conditioning in your car, how could you survive a 10-hour journey? It's actually not that bad, because we've lived through those drives without problems, but what if you could make those drives more comfortable?

Instructables user CameronSS posted a guide to help everyone build their own portable air conditioner. This would make any long journey in the car easy to live with. The materials needed to assemble your AC might already be hidden away in your garage. You'll need a portable cooler, 12V battery, fans, and a generous helping of ice.

Cameron reports his tests as well. He started his contraption in a parked truck. The temperature was 95 degrees in the shade. The heat outside was 108. Within five minutes of starting the...

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We have definitely left the days when a personal fan or sitting outside on the porch was enough to both cool down and satisfy.

Suffice it to say that people are so enamored with the current devices used to heat and cool the spaces in which they live that it would now be difficult to live without them.

Most don’t even romanticize about the days before air conditioning anymore.

Modern technology has made in-room cooling much more accessible than it was even a decade ago.

Gone is the need to have a ready window that carries enough heft to support a window unit. New portable air conditioning units provide needed cooling while mitigating the need for a complete outside whole in the wall. All that is required is a small place where a vent hose can be placed and the room is cooled.

A problem that people run into though is that these units, though small and portable, are not free.

They are also not readily available. During hot spells portable air...
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We received a lot of questions regarding Portable Air Conditioners in general, and while we are happy to answer to each and every one of our dear readers, we felt it lacked a real knowledge base regarding the use of Portable Air Conditioners on the internet. We wanted to provide the every day user with a handy answer to their most common questions in a easy-to-use manner.

Your questions, our answers!

So with no further ado, let’s dive into your questions!

Portable Air Conditioners : The Basics

How does a portable AC work and cool the air?

A portable air conditioning unit extracts hot air from your room and exhausts it to the outside to ensure that your space has the desired temperature. Just like central air conditioners or any other type of air conditioners, this self-contained cooling system uses a refrigerant to cool the air in your room. This fluid flows in the system and changes state during the cooling process. The heat that is extracted...

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All air conditioning systems require a connection to the outside to remove heat from an area. With central air conditioning and window units, the system transports the heat to the evaporator coils outside using refrigerant. With the portable unit, the evaporator coils are inside the home. A fan pushes air through the coils and vent to the outside.

Air is less efficient at transporting heat than refrigerant. This makes portable air conditioners less efficient at cooling than either window units or central cooling systems.

Portable air conditioners are small units on wheels that allow the owner to move them to the desired location for use. Once in location, the hose connects to a port on the back of the air conditioner. The easiest way to exhaust the system is to connect the hose to a sliding window using the small expanding panel the venting kit supplies. For casement windows, owners often choose a plexiglass panel to replace the window glass for venting. However, the...

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Air-conditioning is the bringing of air in a building to a desired temperature, purity, and humidity throughout the year to maintain healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

Air-conditioning may be divided into two main sections: *one for the processing of materials in industry; the other for human com fort. It has been found that there is an optimum condition of temper ature and humidity at which the processing of different materials may be carried out with the minimum of wastage and the maximum of goods of specification quality. The system is therefore designed to produce air of predetermined temperature and moisture content and to keep it so despite all external influences. Such air is filtered free of foreign material.

Conditioning air for human comfort may also be divided into two main sections — winter and summer. Frequently, the systems in stalled in office buildings provide control during both seasons. Com plete air-conditioning provides the following...

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If you pay close attention to the features of a portable air conditioner you’re considering you might see a reference to “single hose” or “dual hose” configuration. What is that, and which is better?

As usual, there’s a little more to the answer than “pick THIS, never THAT.”

Why An Exhaust Hose At All?

All portable air conditioners take air in one place and exhaust it out another part of the unit. More than that, they’re designed to exhaust it outside the room. You may know that, of course, but have you ever asked yourself why?

It’s because of a basic law of physics. You can never make one place cooler without making another even warmer. In other words, nothing is 100% efficient and any machine will always produce more heat than the amount it cools the air.

That’s why you always feel hot air blowing outside your refrigerator for example and the hot air always has more heat energy than was removed from the inside. So, it’s essential to move that...

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9 April 2010: I'm adding this step to address some of the comment subjects of the comments...with 384 comments and counting, it's not nearly as easy to just read through them.

Dry ice instead of water ice

First, a clarification: water ice isn't 32°F, it's whatever the temperature of the freezer is, anything below 32degF...just like how the steel on your car can be 10°F on a cold day, or 100°F on a hot day. Dry ice can be any temperature below -109°F. Since it is much colder, id would theoretically put out colder air. The two main problems with this idea are:

1) Dry ice has a lower specific heat capacity than water ice, so while it is colder, it won't last as long.

2) Dry ice sublimates to CO2, which, in a confined space, will at best impair judgment, and at worst cause loss of consciousness. Driving a car requires being alert. I highly discourage using dry ice.

Peltier Junctions

Seems like a good idea, I know--add 12V and...

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Last Updated: 4th February, 2018

Those fortunate to have central air conditioning in their home are the lucky ones when summer weather hits – lucky, at least until their summer utility bills show up. A portable room air conditioner unit is often seen as the “next best choice” – until a family finds itself shoulder to shoulder, trying to eat dinner, while crammed into the bedroom where the wall mounted air conditioner unit is located.

Central air is expensive to install and operate. Wall or window units (non-portable units) can also cost big money when buying a separate air conditioner for every room of the house.

The “real” solution for many families is a portable air conditioner, which can be wheeled from room to room as needed.

Portable units may be best suited to those who live in apartments without A/C (or with A/C that doesn’t work properly), since landlords often don’t allow the installation of window air conditioners, or have rules and...

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