Is it safe to put a window a/c unit over kitchen sink window?


Okay, so i'm dying in a Texas Heat Wave and trying to figure out what to do. My Central AC unit went down and it's 1,500 to fix, and i don't have that. I have an old AC Unit from my old house, and i was wondering if i could do this.


Black lines is the house itself, blue lines are the "entry room", which is a Bar that leads to the outside world, red is the garrage that connects to the Bar (but not the house).

There are no windows except sliding glass windows.

My idea is to put my AC unit in the doorway with the back facing into the Bar and hang a sheet over the AC so the hot air goes into the Bar, and the cool air goes into the house.

Will this work?

I also don't want to burn out my old ac...

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As i was feeding the horses this morning i had a thought that i wanted to share one more time to people who have perhaps been in similar situations.

I never, ever mean to belabor the point, but I had a seisure close to two years ago, and a resulting coma for seven weeks.

The reason I am writing this now is: I remember the first day i was able to put one foot in front of the other!

I seems such a perfect analogy to me. I was able to put one foot in front of the other as i stood in my kitchen. I could hardly believe it.

I can now put one foot in front of the other, and can walk without support. I am not running, but running is not my thing any way. I can feed the horses all by myself this morning. I can go upstairs and down. I can do laundry. I can do almost everything i did before, and it began with one foot in front of the other. That was a big dadgum deal.

I am writing all this to give encouragement to anyone who might be in a similarly disabled...

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It's one of the truest, simplest forms of luxury in a home: the ability to gaze out of a window while doing the dishes. We always look for this sink-window duo when scouting out an apartment or house. And, while we don't always end up with it (in fact, there are lots of homes where the sink is not at a window), we certainly always dream of it:

The sink under the window was rounded up by Kristen before, but we can't help but revisit the subject as the weather's turned warm and our thoughts move toward the outdoors. These are a few more beckoning sink-window combos in kitchens from our archives:

• 1 The scrollwork and casement windows here are our favorites from Michael & Danijela's Modern Minimal Milwaukee Home
• 2 A jalousie window in Tina's Port Douglas Cottage
• 3 A perfect place for plants in Pablo & Rob's Woodsy Wanderlust
• 4 The window is like a picture frame at James and Julie's Bernal Beauty.
• 5 This small sink is made...

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It looks like when the doors are on, any doors you might put on the cab over the window will not be even with the upper doors to left and right. They will be off just enough to not-quite-match which is kind of more noticeable than being off by a lot. Sorry, not explaining it well. But sometimes the eye wants to travel along a straight, horizontal line.

You do have two doors on the left cab and two doors on that slender right cab, yes? Or am I misunderstanding? That being the case, I might just cut a wide valance board to match the depth of the upper cabinet doors, staple on some quilt padding and finish with a pretty fabric to span the gap.

Can't wait to see the kitchen finished. It's really...

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Window air-conditioner units are a reliable and simple-to-install solution to keep a room cool while avoiding the costly construction of a central air system. Better yet, when the summer heat dies down, these units can be easily removed for storage, and you can use the windowsill for other purposes. Here, Don Vandervort, creator of, walks us through the basic steps of a/c installation.

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Step 1 – Size the room

Window a/c units come in various sizes and cooling capacities, and it is important to choose the one that best fits the needs of the room. "There is a formula to all of this," Vandervort says. The first part of the formula is room size. An air-conditioning calculator makes this job easy—you put in a room's dimensions and it tells you how much BTU power you need. If the room is open to an additional area, like through an arch or open doorway, make sure you include the other area in your square-foot...

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Do you have the vent knob open? Some a/c's do not have a screen on the vent door opening(though most should). Besides that, I'd take the front cover off of the a/c and see if you can see daylight anywhere inside there. I'd also check to see if the unit is sealed around the wall or window. Bugs cant just "come in" through the a/c without a hole being present for them to wiggle through.

I was an a/c repairman for about 8 years and have a decent amount of experience in Florida with window units and Ive seen hornet nests built up in the backside of some units and the bugs couldnt get in the house because the unit had a good seal.

One more thing: Be careful about putting anything, like a screen , in front of your a/c. It could force cold air back onto your thermostat and cause the unit to short cycle. Meaning, the thermostat senses it is cold enough and turns off prematurely and then turns back on real quick because it got a faulty reading.Not good for the circuit breaker or your...

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As you can see below, we have a plain, boring light above our sink that does little for the space in terms of design. However, I really don’t like many of the fixtures people generally put over sinks, so I have compiled a list of four types of kitchen sink lights, and I’ll tell you why I think each one works or doesn’t work.

Single Pendant:
I’ve been seeing this trend EVERYWHERE for awhile, and don’t hate me, but I just don’t get it. Yes, I realize that it ties the lighting in the kitchen together, but to me, having one solitary pendant light over anything looks just plain awkward. The light looks lonely, like it’s floating in space and has nothing to balance it out.

Multiple Fixtures:

Since one light looks lonely, and since I absolutely looove pendant lights over a bar/island, I thought maybe if there were more of them over the sink, I’d like it better. Not the case. I think the multiple lights make the space look too cluttered.

Another trend that...

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Purchase TWO units at the same time for $159.00 - Contact me for details.

These two shelf custom units contain all the features of our “Standard Four Shelf 20” Units”. These shorter units are especially suited for kitchen over-the-sink and many shorter bathroom and utility room windows. I will work personally with you to help determine what will work best for you in your window.

The shelves can be up to 28” wide and cables any length you require. The shelves are adjustable, but you can specify the spacing you need and it will arrive ready-to-hang. Your custom unit can be set up to hang from the window molding, hooks from the ceiling or special extension mounts. Basic mounts are included for free but extension or specialty mounts will require an additional charge that can be discussed during the ordering phase.

Note: The shelves normally come with the lip or edge in the down position. We can install it "upside down" as in the photo displaying the...

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If you’re wondering why you should clean your window A/C unit then consider the fact that window A/C units collect moisture from the air inside your home. Of course, this is just how they work and water usually drains out the back of the unit or is thrown into the condenser coils in the rear of the unit to help cool the refrigerant.

Naturally, not all of the water will drain and this can be a problem when this water is left standing when the air conditioner is not in use. This leads to the growth of mold and can cause the air conditioning unit to produce a mildew like odor. Of course, this can also aggravate allergies in persons sensitive to molds.

Another reason to clean the inside of your window air conditioner is to remove debris and buildup that could prevent the drainage of condensation (the moisture collected from indoor air). If buildup is severe, it can cause water to leak through the unit and onto the window ledge or the floor beneath the unit.


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It’s safe to say we all want cool kitchen storage solutions.

And I’ve a got an awesome one.

Is it hard for you to find stuff in your kitchen cabinets – especially items in the way way back?

I felt this way with our kitchen sink and decided to build sliding trays.

If you’ve got some basic tools you can totally do this project.

In today’s tutorial you’ll learn how to build two sliding trays for under $120, discover priceless carpentry tips, and optimize your kitchen cabinet storage.

I’m so stoked to share this with you, plus I’ve got a giveaway you won’t want to miss

Here’s the supply list

If my math is right this adds up to $117 but if you’ve got a few of the items it could be closer to $100.

That’s not bad considering a Rev-A-Shelf unit for under the kitchen sink costs about $239.

I honestly wanted to buy one but couldn’t justify the price tag. So I actually saved about $139 by doing this...

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Question: We have a window A/C unit in our kitchen window. We live in an apartment and that is the only window it fits in. The problem is the outside of the A/C unit hangs out onto our balcony and drips water constantly. We use a bucket to catch the water and have to empty it 4 times a day. I have nice cloth balcony chairs for our balcony that will be going where the water is dripping. I need a permanent solution that will stop the dripping onto the balcony and maybe divert it elsewhere. Does something exist to fix my problem? I do not want my new balcony furniture to get soaked.

How To Divert Water Dripping From Back Of Window AC Unit

Solution 1 – Use a water hose that connects to the drip hole. You could use a PVC plastic bushing (if the A/C drip hole is threaded) then attach the water hose and divert the water wherever you wish. Attach the hose horizontally against the top portion of the wall and hold it in place with wire ties. Maybe make a small garden in the...

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She moved to the sink and turned on the water.

"I don't know which of you is more nervous," Cynthia said, elbow-deep in a sink full of breakfast dishes.

It was so easy to agree and sink into his strength, let the scent of dark chocolate work its way into her skin as his hands moved over her.

She slammed the coffee cup in the sink and the hot liquid splashed against the window.

Jim closed the door, and Lana watched the submarine sink quietly into the surrounding water and disappear.

There was no backdoor in the kitchen, but Traci had wedged the window over the sink open.

He dumped the rest of his coffee in the sink and left the room.

He felt heaviness sink to the pit of his stomach, and regret trickled through him.

It took a moment for the words to sink in – or maybe the idea that he would discard her virtue as nothing important.

Let that sink in: By dividing work up among people so they could specialize, we went from...

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This is a very interesting post (I quite disagree with jbtanyderi). We have a challenging situation building a kitchen and kitchenette in equatorial Indonesia. Removal of heat is a major element, and a window behind a range-oven with a correctly prevailing wind-direction can make up for many of the helpfully-noted negatives of this stove-window design. While I greatly appreciate the one designer's input, $2K+ ISLAND RANGE HOODS just do not work for us. All the applications of these hoods seemed to clutter needlessly the view, and at least one of them looked like it still vented back into the kitchen.

Downdraft vans just seem to defy physics, and vent-less range hoods seem very ineffective. Traditional side-vented range hoods also seem flawed as they either have to be vented so far away that their vents present a fire hazard or they vent such that wind often blows them back into the window. With the amount of frying that is done in the tropics, traditional...

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America throws out some six million window air conditioners every year, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. If yours will be joining those ranks as the summer winds down—maybe it’s broken, maybe after all this heat you’ve resigned to moving to the Yukon before June rolls around again—you should know that tossing an AC is not as simple as hauling the unit to the curb. In fact, it’s actually illegal to smuggle your AC to a landfill with the rest of your trash.

That’s because ACs contain refrigerant, which can contribute to climate change. In older appliances, these are chlorofluorocarbons (you might know them by their nickname, CFCs). Newer units contain hydrochlorofluorocarbons or hydrofluorocarbon. Yes, all of those names sound the same—don’t worry about distinguishing between the three of them, because they’re all pretty bad for the environment. All three act as greenhouse gases if released into the atmosphere, and with the exception of the last one, will...

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Knowing how to insulate a window AC unit for the winter is one of best things one can do to keep heating costs under control once the thermometer starts to dip. With this type of air conditioning unit, there are two options when it comes to weatherizing the home: cover and insulate around the unit or remove the unit entirely and seal the window for the winter.

Insulating a Window AC Unit for the Winter

If you're unable to remove the window AC unit entirely from the window, you will need to insulate the unit to help keep the warm air from escaping the home. Weatherizing the window AC unit will also help extend the life of the appliance by protecting it from the damaging effects of the elements.

Insulate Around the Unit

Cut lengths of firm foam insulation sized according the height and width of the window unit. Use a putty knife to push the strips of insulation down into the tiny gap between the unit body and the window frame. Spray foam...

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Just as you would make a large table a focal point of your kitchen furnishings, the kitchen sink is in itself a major centerpiece that is functional and central to any plan. Before you can plan other details for your kitchen concept ideas, you need to give careful thought as to what kind of sink you require.

There are endless choices including ranges of color as well as material and what type of kitchen sink you feel best falls into your plan. Functionality is a major factor but naturally, looks mean a lot too if you're looking for centerpieces that fit in with your vision of the ideal kitchen. The sink is possibly the most used and functional part of any kitchen and the right choice is important.

The choices are wide with various types from copper, ceramic, granite and the ever-popular stainless steel. Also, you are not limited with choices as there are various styles and one creative choice these days for many is the under-mount kitchen sink.

A popular choice...

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Have had success gettng rid of these by removing alllll things from cupboards...toss any yoiu are willing to, clean the rest of the outside bottles, etc, with bleach water,,,,do this outside. vacuum all shelves and clean out vacuum/toss bag after...clean shelves with bleach water and then leave doors open for a full day and checkc the next day,,all cracks, crevices, etc. if any left, do the cleaning again, and leave the doors open for 24 hours at least. sounds like a lot of work, but if you don't do it right the first time, you will be doing it over and over. Any spices, etc, you saved should be placed in the freezer for at least 24 hours. hereafter, keep all items stored in plastic...remove things like soup mix, etc, from the box and toss box...boxes are good hiding places for bugs. Have...

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I needed a way to secure my laptop while driving in a position that's easily accessable to the eyes and hands. No, I won't be playing video games or checking email while I'm driving, rather I'll be using GPS software to navigate my way across the country. My efforts to buy a holder/platform for my laptop came up empty but dad was willing to build one from scratch so I set him loose on making one. First he started out building the platform out of wood. The piece of metal he's nailing onto the platform is a "clamp" of sorts that'll fasten one side of the laptop holder to the van's console. Here is a picture of the same platform when mounted in the van.

Next step was the addition of a laptop tray that'll hold the laptop into place. Dad used the square board (scrap) that was created when we cut the hole out in the sink. Since it came from the kitchen countertop, it's covered with formica so it's not only functional but pleasing to the eye as well. He...

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Welcome to, where you can find a variety of housewares. We have over 20,000 kitchen, furniture, and decor items for you to choose from. Browse our large selection of

spice racks


kitchen shopping carts

, and patio furniture. We are nationally recognized and strive to always bring you the best price guarantee on high quality home products. Lots of people agree, check out some of our reviews below. Whether you are looking for home decor or organization solutions, we are sure to have what you are looking for. If you need help with organizing your kitchen or other area of the home, visit

Ask Our Organizer

by Harriet Schechter, who is a pioneer in the field of professional...

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The purpose of these pages is to address some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about

owners’ responsibilities concerning their common elements the most common practical issues that residents face problems residents encounter regarding their unit (noise problems are addressed elsewhere: click here for Noise Problems)

One of the key elements in understanding how a condo building works is to understand what types of "common elements" exist.

What Are Common Elements?

Common elements are those parts of a condo complex that belong to all owners. With a few exceptions, they constitute everything except the units in which people live. Corridors, garbage rooms, lobbies, locker areas, garages, technical rooms, the roof, grounds, walkways are all common elements.

Other common elements include heating and air conditioning systems, hot water system, pipes, electrical systems, all light fixtures in common elements, and the security system.


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The Thirty-One Kitchen Design Rules, Illustrated | Homeowner Guide | Design/Build Kitchens, Baths, Additions and Home Remodeling in Lincoln, Nebraska S

tarting in 1944 the University of Illinois conducted a number of studies of kitchen design and developed the fundamental design principles that are still very much in use. These days the

National Kitchen & Bath Association

updates and publishes these basic design standards.

Methodology & Overview

The NKBA Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidelines with Access Standards is a collection of illustrations and planning suggestions to aid professionals in the safe and effective planning of kitchens and bathrooms. These guidelines are excerpted from the National Kitchen & Bath Association Professional Resource Library Kitchen Planning and Bath Planning volumes. Designers and those interested in becoming kitchen and bath design professionals benefit by studying the complete body of...

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