Is it safe to use an angle grinder with wood cutting blades?


Bad idea...explained later. But yes, as long as you keep the blade guard on & of course it will "work". Though, it's quite wild compared to a Circular Saw or a smaller Trim Saw. However, "safely" is a bad gamble.

You're talking about multiples of higher RPM's & both accuracy & control will then be largely out the window compared to proper devices. One big problem area is ever so slightly twisting your cut (which is normal & not just common with grinders) & that twist binds to instantly & literally toss the grinder at you or any part of you or anyone else close by.

Grinders usually don't have a braking mechanism & very slowly free-spin down to a stop, you don't want to be the braking...

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Hold it the way the previous answerer described.

When grinding wood, try to work with a light touch at first.

Start the grinder before you contact the wood, because it will likely twist in your hands a bit from the torque of starting up. That can cause gouges that are hard to get rid of.

You can use a metal cutting blade on wood, but unless it's a diamond blade, it could gum up fairly quickly. It might be better to use the sandpaper option on the angle grinder.

Get some eye protection, and maybe a P-100 breathing mask. Old wood can have lead-based paint on it. You DON'T want to breath that. As well, some woods can cause allergy or other (serious) problems, especially exotic hardwoods and cedar. Protect your eyes and lungs.

Read the instructions that come with the grinder,...

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Read your manual before use and become familiar with your power tool

Be alert at all times and watch out for the unexpected and others coming into your workplace. Children should never be in the vicinity while using dangerous power tools. Don't use an angle grinder in the rain because you may end up getting an electric shock. The shock could startle you and the likelihood is that you could drop the grinder and potentially cause injury to yourself.

If possible, don't use a grinder overhead you because if you lose control, it could drop down on top of you.

Don't use a grinder if you are tired. Tiredness can result in poor concentration and the possibility of an accident and personal injury

Keep your feet spread apart. This braces your body better and makes it less likely for you to be thrown off balance.

Ensure that the power flex and any extension cords are behind you and can't fall into the path of the cutting disk.

If the work-piece isn't...

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It depends on what kind of wood cuts you need. There are certainly wood blades for angle grinders, there are guards for angle grinders. If you are notching corners or something of the like, they work relatively well. As long as you leave the guard on it and you hold it, it will be ok.

I have one that I use for wood. I wouldn’t go cutting a piece of plywood in half with it. It is made for carving/grinding/notching/cutting. It works great and is what it is made for. This is the one I have (22 Tooth Carving Disc) I use it to make odd shaped pieces of wood when doing woodworking. It worked great for the found cutouts for venting in sheathing while doing the roof. I have it on a paddle switch grinder.

This isn’t a replacement for a circular saw. Given that a new circular saw with blade costs about the same as a wood blade like the one I have, it isn’t really sensible to use it as a saw.

The other option is to use a regular abrasive disc. Say you are just cutting...

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The carpenter is not the best who makes more chips than all the rest…if it’s piles of sawdust you seek grab your angle grinder for havoc you soon will wreak.

Sure, the angle grinder is an awesome tool to have around when working on metal, but what do you know about how-to use an angle grinder on wood?

How useful is the angle grinder when it comes to working on wood you ask? Let us take a quick look and see.

Read this tutorial now and learn how-to use an angle grinder on wood. Then see for yourself which angle grinder attachments work best for carving, shaping, and sanding wood.

How-to Use an Angle Grinder on Wood " data-medium-file="" data-large-file=""...
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I use my 4.5 smallest Makita grinder with the attachments shown below ( ). One is a stepped sanding wheel (80 grit) and the most aggressive... the other is a roloc adapter with a two inch sanding pad. The small red pad was $6 at Harbor Freight and screws right on the the 5/8-11 arbor of the grinder.

I use these all the time in fiberglass and wood repair where I need to shape wood. The large deadeyes below were shaped as you see in just a couple minutes as easy as pie using the sanding wheel stepped as shown beside the deadeyes. Just let your wrist swivel and it was very easy.

The smaller roloc 2" sanding pad is for smaller work as you can see I used it to bevel the plywood for the repair of the hole in the hull. The 3M Roloc adapter will allow you to use one inch, two inch, three inch and four inch sanding pads that utilize the Roloc twist on sanding discs.

I have two of the smallest Makita grinders in the Amazon...

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Overview of angle grinders

Angle grinder

Angle grinders use a wide variety of cutting and grinding wheels, like the diamond wheel shown here.

You’ll find angle grinders anywhere power tools are sold. Larger grinders are available, but the popular 4-in. and 4-1/2 in. grinders are the right size for most tasks. You can buy very inexpensive angle grinders, but for frequent use or for demanding jobs like cutting stucco or cement, I’d recommend spending a little more for a grinder with a more powerful motor (look for a motor that draws 5 to 9 amps).

The ability to handle different wheels and accessories is what makes angle grinders so versatile. Your angle grinder includes a spindle washer and spindle nut that you’ll install in different configurations to accommodate thicker or thinner wheels or remove altogether when you screw wire wheels and cups onto the threaded spindle. Consult your manual for instructions on mounting wheels and...

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I have used angle grinder over twenty years.

I had allready forgot how difficult it was to use at the beginning.

Then i heard people saying that its too difficult to cut with it..

That started me to think about how to improve its handling, also i wanted to get more from it.

As it think, it can be used as a bench grinder too, and with suitable blade, it works as a circular saw, or with the right attachment its a great tool for cutting even big pipes, straight and easily.

Easy version starts from the step 1, improvements from the step 8. Attcahments for grinding and pipe cutting from the step 10

This is my simple and easy prototype for that problem, improvements makes it little more difficult.

Video tutorials shows the process.

Used tools:

Angle grinder




3mm steel plate

40 x 40 x 5mm square tubing

Piece of 30 x...

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Hand-held angle grinders, which now are being used more frequently in industries besides metal fabrication and welding, can cause injury if used improperly and without following all safety guidelines. This article covers the safety practices involved when using these grinders with resin-bonded wheels.

Hand-held angle grinders have long been used extensively in the metal fabrication and welding industries; however, they also now are being used more frequently in the mechanical contracting, autobody, masonry, and stone-working industries for grinding, cutting, and polishing. This expanded usage speaks to the versatility of angle grinders, which can accommodate a range of accessories, such as resin-bonded grinding and cutting wheels; diamond wheels for cutting and surface grinding; abrasive disks; flap disks; wire brushes; nonwoven abrasives; and even diamond coring bits. Nonetheless, the most common applications involve grinding and cutting with resin-bonded wheels.


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In order to ensure that you correctly use an angle grinder when cutting concrete, it is necessary to take several aspects into account. This will not only ensure that the project is completed right, but also that it is done efficiently and safely.

1. Check Your Grip

Prior to using the angle grinder, try it out for grip and test the weight to ensure that you can handle it. Most grinders will have two handles that will help to keep the tool steady, and you should check that you can hold it comfortably with your dominant hand. Be aware that you will need to apply some pressure when passing the blade through the concrete, which will make the tool seem heavier due to the vibrations.

2. Protect Yourself

In addition to making sure that the safety guard on the angle grinder is in place and secure, you need to use some other protective methods. Avoid wearing any loose clothing and use gloves to protect your hands and improve your grip. Small particles of...

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There is a woodworking disc especially designed for an angle grinder (flex). The unusual shape and only 3 teeth on the disc ensure safe work on a wide range of materials: wood, laminated flooring, parquet (hardwood),aerated concrete, plasterboard and plastic. If you are looking for a woodworking blade for an angle grinder (flex) –SpeedCutter disc is what you need.

Multipurpose angle grinder blade for wood Graff Speedcutter–can be safely applied for grinding, cutting and sculpting

For many years people have been using circular saw blades with angle grinding machines (flexes) for working on wood, which is and has always been unsafe! A big number of teeth on the blade combined with a high RPM rate of an angle grinder often lead to cutting off fingers and other severe injuries!

Generally woodworking saw blades are intended to be used with circular or chainsaws that can break a budget of a person who does household work occasionally. On top of that saw blades...

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Nice design and all but I really see lots of possible danger here for a serious accident. Modifications of tools often lack of properly engineered safety design and lead to horrible accidents. Yes I have witnessed lots of modified tools especially powered ones that harmed or killed people. Upside down bandsaws, skilsaw attached to a table upside down, unguarded blades and methods of attaching rotating power equipment that can bind or be thrown off and where improper access to switches were improvised.

Go ahead and curse me for wanting people safe from dangerous and improperly designed tool modifications. When your finger or hand gets cut off then you'll stop. This can throw a chip off the blade, loosen in the vice you made for it which is squeezing the motor chassis. Just as bad mixing electricity with water, mixing power tools with modifications FAR FROM THE INTENDED AND LICENSED SAFETY ORIGINAL DESIGN...

How would you feel Phil B if someone looked you up and told...

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A surface grinding machine is used to produce a smooth accurate finish on either metallic or nonmetallic materials. It uses a round rotating abrasive grinding wheel that remains stationary (but rotating) while the feed table (with work attached) is run in a reciprocating motion (left and right) under the grinding wheel. The specific amount of material to remove is determined by lightly touching off on the work with the grinding wheel rotating and feeding the grinding head down a certain distance. W A R N I N G - If a grinding wheel is permitted to exceed the maximum safe speed, it may disintegrate and cause injury to the operator and damage to the grinding machine!

Typically surface grinders can grind within .0001 - .0002 but not all surface grinders are created equal. The less expensive models may not hold up to tool room accuracies but could be used effectively to sharpen punches, dies or do repair shop...

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