Is it typical that smoke detectors in adjacent apartments be linked?


Checking the Smoke Detectors in Your Gainesville, Florida Apartment

Did you know that it is the landlord’s responsibility to provide smoke detectors in your apartment? And, did you know that it is your responsibility to test your smoke detectors regularly to make sure they are still in good working order?

That’s right, all Gainesville, Florida apartments should be equipped with working smoke detectors. Typically, smoke detectors are located near the kitchen and in or near each bedroom. As a resident, here are some ways you can ensure that your smoke detectors are operational:

Test your smoke alarms at least once a month by pressing the “Test” button. If your smoke alarm fails its test, contact the leasing office. Every year, replace the batteries in your smoke detector with brand new batteries. Need a strategy to remember? Change the batteries every year when you “spring forward” for Daylight Savings Time. If your smoke alarm begins to make a “chirping” sound, it...
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You might want to review what happened in the Schuman case a few years ago when a condo owner sued a fellow condo inhabitant about their smoking. See:

Witness Testimony Ends in Secondhand Smoke Trial - Greenbelt, MD Patch

In particular read through the comments beneath the article where the risks or non-risks of such exposures are discussed and where you can see how the main "expert witness" (James Repace) on the antismoking side of the trial responded to specific questions about the science involved. If part of your concern deals with the general health aspects of secondary smoke exposure you might find that some of the references in those comments will help.

In terms of alleviating the problem, it shouldn't be too difficult to solve it simply by creating a slight positive air pressure in your apartment. A very small window fan (really not much more than one of those little 2" or so sized computer cooling type fans) mounted properly to a window should push enough...

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i've got in no way seen a smoke detector that did no longer require user-friendly D-cellular batteries, and this beeping is a basic indicator of replace batteries. extraordinary. whether, you probably did your pastime; you called maintenance as quickly as you need to (till they offered you with an emergency quantity which you probably did no longer call). Smoke detectors are intense business enterprise, and landlords ought to make certain they're functioning surprising. i do no longer understand the way they think of they might fee you for it, while it seems it basically have been given previous and needed to get replaced. Taking the conceal off would not "harm" a smoke detector. it may nevertheless function surprising with out it (have confidence me, i've got seen it). i could combat it. Ask them what the damages are, in specific, and why they assume you to pay for what i could evaluate regularly occurring maintenance. while they might't furnish an answer, tell them you...

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Call the non-emergency police line. Make a noise complaint. Repeat.

At some point, after several tickets, it becomes criminal mischief or harassment, at which point, the police can enter and turn the damn thing off.

I agree with this. Since the management is being so dumb (working smoke detectors are to everyone's benefit, and also that kind of noise is antisocial behavior), police non-emergency is the way to go. I would have been calling after a day or two; I can't believe you've lasted a month!

Although, that's odd behavior for a smoke detector. In my experience, they generally beep (loudly) every 5-10 minutes when the battery is low. I don't know what would beep every 10 seconds. That has no bearing on the noise complaint, though.

agreed. also tell the building manager you are calling the police, and maybe that will get him off his ass to take care of it or call someone who can, because unless you have an unusual lease i am pretty sure his excuse is...

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Did you know… smoke detectors are required?
The installation of smoke detectors in your apartment is legally required and usually part of your lease. According to the New York Fire Department, “Landlords must install smoke detectors in multiple-dwelling apartment buildings.” Since most fire deaths occur at home with non working smoke detectors, it is important for you and your landlord to regularly check that your smoke detector works.

Did you know… tenants responsibility for smoke detectors?
According to the National Fire Protection Association, “Ninety percent of single family homes across the United States have at least one smoke detector installed.” That’s great, however, it is also estimated that about one-third of all residential smoke detectors in the US aren’t functioning correctly, due to missing or dead batteries. It is the tenants’ responsibility to ensure that the batteries are up-to-date in the apartment complex. Also, make sure that the smoke detector...

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NOTE TO READERS: follow the link to the revised smoke detector rules for Massachusetts. The MA smoke detector regulations were revised in December 2016, making some of the information in the post below obsolete.

Massachusetts mandates that every home have working smoke detectors and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. The state and mortgage lenders back that up by requiring that every home be inspected by the local fire department to assure compliance prior to the sale of the home.

But even if you are not moving anytime soon, it makes sense to be safe! We’ll review below to make sure your home is fire-and-CO-safe and in compliance with the MA rules.

We’ll approach this as if you are preparing to sell your home so you’ll know what to do to be ready for closing. We cover only one and two family homes here – the rules for residences with more than 2 dwelling units and apartment buildings are more complex and are beyond the scope of this...

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Now I would like to discuss each of the four factors listed above in terms of the impact that they have on the margin of safety, i.e. people's ability to successfully escape a fire.

Factor One - Amount of Smoke inside the Detector (Duo)

Most investigators that I know assume that all smoke is the same, in regards to triggering smoke detectors. This is not actually true. Different smoke can have the same optical density, a measure of how much light the smoke obscures, and yet have different typical particle sizes and color. Certain factors can affect the particle size and color of smoke.4
For example:

1. Plastics tend to produce larger particle smoke than cellulose material produces, 2. Smoldering fires tend to produce larger particles than flaming fires, 3. "Aged" smoke, i.e. smoke that has moved some distance away from the fire tends to have larger particles than the smoke from...
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The following is a compilation of reports from the US , Australia and Canada about fires, explosions, electrical problems or burned out appliances due to Smart Meter installations. For a summary of the problems, read this:


10/27/2017 DISCOVERY BAY, CA A big rig accident caused a power surge, which caused some smart meters to explode. “We heard it from inside the house and the pieces, they look like they went 8 to 10 feet.” “All of a sudden, all the electrical outlets started popping and fire was shooting out of one of them,” said a resident. 2900 customers lost power.


If your home is having electrical problems it could be smart meter related, and your home could be at risk for a fire. This video is mainly about the difficulty in opting out of a smart meter in Texas, however it also explains how the health and electrical...

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