Is there an adaptor for non standard shower head sizes?


About Shower Adaptor

Do you need an extra shower in your home, but you just don't have the space to remodel? eBay has the solution for you. Shower adaptors allow you to convert a tub faucet into a shower. No need for a shower enclosure or shower cubicle. You can take a quick refresher using the faucet head of your tub. Each shower adaptor is slightly different, so be sure to read the instruction manual carefully before installation. eBay has a selection of shower adaptors available from top sellers and general sellers on the site. It is easy to compare adaptors, advantages, and disadvantages right on the page. Adaptor selection includes new and used items, and some purchases also come with free shipping, so look for the free shipping...

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Gently removes residue from hair, scalp Helps maintain, retain and add moisture Promotes healthy hair growth

Beautiful coils and curls...naturally.

Cowashing is the way to cleanse your hair most of the time. It gently removes residue including all of the things you've used to style and maintain your coils and curls. Now it's time for a new beginning. This light creamy conditioning lotion spreads easily throughout to cleanse your hair and scalp. Detangling is wonderfully easy and rinsing is too. And there's much more. This cowash is different from any other because it contains a special blend of natural ingredients including saw palmetto and phytosterols that help promote healthy hair growth from the follicular level.

Creamy, no-suds moisturizing cleanser Helps maintain, retain and add moisture - vital to your health and happiness of your coils and curls Very economical, use it whenever you choose Gentle enough for daily use With tangerine,...
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That's different. Most shower heads usually unscrew and you just screw a new shower head on.

If it's all one piece as you say, then I don't know of any other way but to take off the entire shower arm and replace the whole thing with one that pivots.

As you stated, where it screws into the wall is very unstable, so being how you are renting this apartment and responsible for any damage, etc., the safest thing to do, imo, would be to get your landlord involved. Explain to him/her that the shower arm is very loose and water could be getting behind the wall causing damage. Maybe they will have it fix and you can get the shower head you want. Just a suggestion.

Others will be along with more...

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This project,

a shower head volume meter

from 1989, shows how to make an electronic flow rate meter with no battery or wire connections.

Normally you would expect to create a shower head water voulme meter using complex electronics and at the very least a battery or low voltage power supply connection. The clever thing about this desgin is that it requires no power supply at all!

And the really clever thing is that the solution uses a sensor that is rotated by the power of the water but this sensor genrates a magnetic pulsing field and this is tapped into to provide the power to drive the circuitry.

Consequently there is no danger of electric shock, there is no 'changing the battery' and it can be placed near the shower head without wiring i.e. it is totally safe for a "wet" environment.

Executive Summary of the Shower Head Volume Meter

A shower head volume meter producing an audible or other alarm for indicating when a...

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The finishes available vary from product to product, so not all products are available in all finishes. The Product Catalog section of our website will allow you to select a product, see what finishes are available for that product, and actually view the product in each of those finishes. Other than chrome, each finish has a two-letter suffix in the faucet model number. A summary of finishes and their two-letter suffix is below:

Current Finishes

Arctic Stainless - AR

A glossy finish with icy tones

Black - BL

Black A glossy black powder coated finish

Bright Stainless Steel - ST

Shiny stainless steel; Chrome-like in appearance but not plated

Brilliance® Stainless - SS

A neutral, low-gloss finish

Brilliance® Polished Brass - PB

A high-gloss, vibrant gold finish

Brilliance® Polished Nickel - PN

A high-gloss, pale gold finish

Brushed Nickel -...

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Wearing noise cancelling earbuds while you travel abroad or in the plane can make a lot of difference. You can experience high quality music without having to put up with ambient noise and listen to your favourite soundtracks without any hindrance, and this gives a more pleasurable listening experience as compared to traditional over the ear headphones or earbuds. Here we review the 10 best noise cancelling earbuds of 2016 which stand out for their superior noise cancelling effect and superior comfort, while delivering stellar audio performance. While it is not uncommon to find noise cancelling headphones, it is rare to find noise cancelling earbuds that does the job equally if not better than over the ear headphones.

#1 The Bose QuietComfort (QC20) Acoustic Noise Cancelling Earbuds

The Bose QuietComfort noise cancelling earbuds is hands down revolutionary. We were truly surprised at what Bose has accomplished with the QC20 series. If you are looking for the...

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