Is there any problem using brass screws to fit zinc hinges?

To protect against galvanic corrosion, metal pipe work should ideally be of the same material. Dielectric couplings prevent metal to metal contact but it must be remembered that water is the conductor and a dielectric coupling does not stop water conduction between dissimilar metals. As such, they do not provide absolute protection, particularly in areas of hard water, i.e., greater conductivity.

Many plumbers use brass couplings and this has actually found regulatory favour overseas. Of interest, in the U.S., the NC Plumbing Code states:

605.24.1 Copper or copper-alloy tubing to galvanized steel pipe. Joints between copper or copper-alloy tubing and galvanized steel pipe shall be made with a brass fitting or dielectric fitting. The copper tubing shall be soldered to the fitting in an approved manner, and the fitting shall be screwed to the threaded pipe.

Copper pipe is 99.9% copper whereas brass has a variable content and the % of copper content in brass pipe is...

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This video is to discuss all about wide throw hinges
Wide throw hinges are used when a standard hinge can't be used
One condition is when you have thicker than standard casing around that door requiring that you have a hinge that has a greater distance from the edge of the hinge to the pin
Another situation is when you have a door installed into the frame with a deeper reveal
Wide throw hinges are typically 1 1/2" to 2" wider than it is tall
When talking about the dimension of a wide throw hinge the height comes before the width
For example a hinge is 4" tall and 6" wide then it would be a 4x6
Below this video in the website there is a chart which is there to help you determine the width of the wide throw hinge you will need
This is based on a few factors such as the door thickness, the hinge backset, clearance, and the inset
The hinge backset can vary
The clearance is the dimension from the face of the door to how far out...

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Installing Butt Hinges
Learn Fine Woodworking contributing editor Garrett Hack’s time-tested technique for installing what is perhaps the most popular hinge style.

When it comes to searching out a hinge that offers durability, clean looks, and straightforward installation, Garrett Hack feels that “you can’t beat butt hinges.” While woodworking catalogs offer a wide variety of styles, finishes and sizes, when it comes to fine furniture, Hack opts for high-end brass hinges. Low-cost hinges are made by pressing thin sheet metal around the pin to form the knuckle, which results in a sloppy hinge action. The higher-end extruded hinges are much tighter since the knuckle is fitted together and then drilled in one shot for a more precisely fit hinge. And while steel is certainly stronger, brass hardware generally looks better on fine furniture, developing a pleasing patina over time.

Laying Out the Hinge Mortise
Use marking gauges and a marking knife to make precise...

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this support holds door in place in open position

61C0UD: use carpet tape to "mount' poor to casinet. (see detail v for hinge tip)


open door and drill holes for hinge screws (detail v)

carpet • TAPE.;

door support

self-* centering drill sit


or if it's tapered from top to bottom, you can correct this by slumming one or both hinges.

Final Trimming. Once you're satisfied with the gap along the side of the case, the hard work is pretty much over. All that's left now is to trim the top, bottom, and center of the door to match.

To start this, I simply measure in from the edge of the face frame and mark the top and bottom of each door with a layout line that matches the gap along the hinge side of the door. Then I sneak up on the lines, checking the gap by reinstalling the...

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Well made. "Heavy" brass. No slop in the hinge. Easy mortise for 3/4" cabinet door. Antique light finish is beautiful. These are, hands down, the best hinges I have ever used. The stated size is absolutely spot on (using my digital caliper), they are beautiful, well made, and (bonuses not offered by others) provide a choice of screw-head style plus steel screws for pilot mounting, and a wide choice of colors. An unexpected treat was receiving them 30 hours after placing my order, using ground UPS. This is my first time using hinges from Horton Brasses. They are excellent quality! I can't find anything that compares with these at any of my local hardware or big box stores. I'll be ordering them again for future projects. I have come to know that whatever I buy from Horton Brasses is of superior quality than anything else I can find locally. I used to use hinges from the box stores, but when compared to HB hinges, you can't even consider them real hinges. I'd recommend this company...
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Get the ultimate performance, including full-extension slides, a drawer-silencing feature and the ability to side- or flat-mount for a number of applications. Heaviest rated slide available.Use for large pantry pullouts, Tool storage pullouts, Wide lateral file drawers, and Vehicular storage drawers.

Load ratings are dependent upon slide usage. Side- or flat-mounting increases versatility. Full extension provides better drawer access. Additional mounting holes allow easier installation. Drawer-silencing feature provides quieter movement.

For moderate usage, such as for computer access drawers or power back-up systems storage, the slides are load rated at 500 lbs. per pair. Drawer width to 18". Cycled 10,000 times.

For frequent use, including in large pantry pullouts, toolboxes, modular storage, the slides are load rated at 400 lbs. per pair. Drawer widths to 42" and cycled 75,000 times.

For vehicle mounts, including in RV and truck bodies and for...

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