Is this gas pipe installation OK?


No, it is not okay. Make sure this is fixed before it's covered up. I'd have to search through the code books to find all the relevant code sections, but simply looking at this there appears to be a few problems.

I'm pretty sure you can't have connections like that in concealed location. So if this wall is going to be finished (covered with drywall), they have to be moved.

If the pipe is within a certain distance from the edge of the wood member it passes through, steel plates have to be used to protect the pipe.

I'm not sure if non-rigid pipe is allowed in concealed locations, but I'm sure if it is, it has to be protected in some way.

Call your local government, and have this...

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Well, I went to Home Depot to buy my line. The guy in the plumbing department was pretty well educated in this sort of thing. The plumbing people usually are, cause bad advice can cause major water/gas disasters.

I asked Him if He thought it would be ok if I installed it my self. And he basicly begged me to do so. He said installing gas line is very easy and cost effecitve if you take proper percautions.

He recomended a yellow pipe dope called rector seal and said nothing is better. I also purchased to pipe wrenches and a 3\4 two foot pipe (emt conduit) for torque.

Shutting off the gas at the meter was very simple with one of wrenches I purchased. Although some people may need to use a meter key if the shutoff is stuck. These can be purchased at Home Depot also.

The gas line entered my house and went only to my furnace via hardline. No flex pipe. Which involves a union. The union was inside my furnace. Once you realize how these work, they are very...

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Installing and repairing gas pipes is one of the more labor-intensive and skill-intensive home improvement projects that can be undertaken. While other projects may be worth DIY installation, gas pipe repairs or installs are most definitely better off done by a professional. It deals with highly flammable, potentially deadly gases and requires the right materials and proper procedures. Gas lines must be calibrated for the right BTU levels. Mistakes could lead to leaks or compromise the integrity of the piping, which could lead to explosions and the potential destruction of property.

Reasons for Gas Pipe Repairs or New Installs

New gas lines must be installed if a new appliance such as a gas furnace, water heater or stove is added to a property. Gas lines may also be extended outside for additions like outdoor lighting, grills or other purposes. A gas pipe repair is imperative in the event of a leak, which can be ascertained by a 'rotten-eggs' smell. If this is the...

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