Is this Junction Box too full?


Hi There.

We have a junction box in our basement furnace room (I believe that is what is called - the circle that is mounted in the joists and may sometimes have a light fixture hanging from it).

Basically, I have included what the junction box had, and according to this configuration, I would like to ADD the one that says "For possible link to light switch."

We moved into this home recently, and already, there were 4 black wires (hots) and 4 white wires (neutrals) joined in order to get
-the source power,
-the 2 receptacles and
-the light pull switch

I figured it would be nice to setup a light switch so that I can more easily turn on the light from a switch rather than the pull cable. I think I would need to run cable OUT of the junction box to the switch (on the wall) and then run cable INTO the junction box to be able to switch the light on and off. I've only shown the one cable going out of the box in my...

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Definition: Junction boxes are made from metal or plastic, measure 2 1/2 inches or 3 1/2 inches deep, and it's where the electrical wiring in your home goes to live when the wires are joined together. Boxes that measure 2 x 3 and 2 1/2 inches deep generally contain 3 wires. Boxes that measure 2 x 3 and 3 1/2 inches deep are made for five or more wires.

The purpose of a junction box is to provide a secure environment for electrical wires, known as hot (black), white (neutral) and grounding (green or copper).

There are other colors of wires used for secondary functions and for lighting. A ROMEX wire runs from the main electrical panel (or a subpanel) to the junction box.

At the junction box, wires are connected to the original ROMEX and distributed to other fixture boxes. All wire gauges should be the same.

It's like the communal meeting spot for electrical wires, where they connect before moving on. All junction boxes must be covered to be installed...

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Dennis and John have some good advice: I should of let things be, but I wrote this so I am gona post it anywhere, as long winded as it is!

Holy sparks, Gabriel: You should have a meter to measure 120 / 240 volts AC. You need to take off the cover, loosen one screw and remove the other. You will see the wires connected together with wire nuts. Hopefully there are 3 white (neutral) and 3 black (hot) wires, and 3 ground wires, each connected together with their own wire nuts. (If not, OR if you see a red wire, STOP and study, there may be a switch or something. You are looking for a simple 120 Volt AC circuit, right?) If you are lucky, the older metal BX cable may be an original feed (already with lots if stuff on it?) from an existing circuit, originating from the service panel. The two romex cables were run at some later time feeding lighting or receptacles? Follow the wires, especially the "Newer" romex, down where they protrude into the wall below and do your best guess on...

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It's 1973 in Cemetery Junction, a Reading suburb. Three working class lads, best friends, are coming of age. Freddie wants to rise above his station, taking a job selling life insurance, wearing a suit and tie. Snork works at the railway station and wants a girlfriend some day. Bruce talks of leaving but seems on track to work at a factory, drink and fight, and become like his dad, in front of the telly with beer on hand; and he's trying the patience of the police officer who gets him out of jams. Freddie's job leads the lads toward a few small changes. He runs across a childhood friend, Julie, his boss's daughter who's engaged to the firm's top seller. Can the lads break out? Written by


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While trying to fix his Mustang on the road, Jimmy McGee gets a lift in the Cadillac of a sweet lady, Missy Lofton. Missy invites Jimmy to stay at her house in Lost Junction, a very small town in Mississippi with a population of 652 locals, while his car is being repaired by the mechanic Shorty. Missy asks Jimmy to help her to take her savings in the bank, and later they travel together to New Orleans to meet Missy's boyfriend Porter. While on the road, Missy discloses to Jimmy that the body of her husband Doc is in the trunk, but Jimmy is in love with Missy and stays with her. Jimmy returns to his hometown, but his best friend Matt convinces him to return to New Orleans for Missy. Later the truth about the death of Doc is disclosed. Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro,...

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Insect Collection
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Insects are invertebrates with three pairs of legs, usually two pairs of wings, one pair of antenna, jointed appendages, and three distinct body regions — head, thorax, & abdomen. Insects belong to the largest phylum of animals known as arthropods. Many small arthropods are mistaken for insects such as spiders, ticks, millipedes, & centipedes. Although some insects may sting or bite, insects play an important role in nature as a food source for other animals and as plant pollinators.

By doing an insect collection, you can, not only learn beneficial and harmful insects common to your area, but you will also learn structural modifications of various insects that have enabled them to survive & become such a successful and diverse group of animals.. You will also learn to use taxonomic keys to identify organisms.

In order to properly do an insect collection, several techniques...

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