It is current -5° F. Is this much condensation normal?


While this might not be a huge problem on its own, it has some negative side effects. Your windows are letting a lot of cold in through the pane and around the edges. This significantly increases heating costs and it can add uncomfortable drafts. If that frost melts and runs into the wood, it can cause mold which potentially could turn into a big problem.

If I were in your shoes, I would seriously consider upgrading my windows and if -5°F is common (or even if 15°F were common) then it may be worthwhile to look into some high quality 3 pane windows. When looking at windows, Argon filled is a plus but ultimately you mostly want to look at the U-factor. You want to get windows with as low of a U-factor as...

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If the condensation is on the interior the homestead windows basically: once you warmth your rooms any moisture present (created by potential of respiratory, bath/bathe, laundry, cooking etc) is suspended in the air. heat air can carry greater moisture than chilly air, so while the heating turns off in one day the saturated air cools, will become heavy and dumps moisture on the coldest factors of the homestead ie the homestead windows. it particularly is in lots of circumstances while in comparison with while u take a can of coke out of the refrigerator and it drips with condensation. What u can do: Open homestead windows fairly to permit airflow. it particularly is the main fee affective, yet makes use of greater heating power to compensate. save heating on consistent. Will artwork, yet very high priced. purchase a high quality Dehumidifier. those artwork by potential of eliminating the damp from the air and it collects in a container which must be emptied normally. no...

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Indoor moisture is caused by a variety of factors, including cooking, showering, running dishwashers, storing firewood, pets, fish tanks, plants, clothes, dryers that are not vented properly, even breathing. New windows are more likely to show condensation than old windows because they are airtight – less air is entering your home from the outside. The air leaking from older windows evaporated the moisture before it could collect.

While some humidity is necessary for health and comfort, chronic and excessive condensation should be tipping you off to take some action before serious, costly damage such as decay, mold, paint problems, and even major structural damage occur.

Where is the condensation?


If it is exterior that is usually a good sign, often occurring during the summer months. If there is high humidity, a clear night sky or no wind it can cause exterior condensation. It shows that the house is keeping out the heat and retaining a cool...

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Trouble Shooting
Black smoke is coming from my exhaust
This is an indication that too much gas is being burned. Your air/fuel mixture is too rich. You may have a clogged air filter. If the air filter is not clogged there may be a problem with a sensor controlling the vehicles fuel injection system. If your vehicle has a carburetor then the choke plate may be stuck. Another possibility is a vacuum leak.

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White smoke is coming from my exhaust
When a cold engine is started, any condensation that has formed in the exhaust will be burned off. This is normal and nothing to worry about. On the other hand if you see white smoke coming out of the exhaust at all engine temperatures then this is an indication of a blown head gasket or possibly a crack in the head, intake or cylinder. Basically what is happening is coolant is leaking into the cylinder and being burned off as steam.

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Blue smoke is coming...
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Light Bulb, Lighting Fixture and Lamp Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Light Bulbs, Lighting Fixtures, and Lamps

What the "Big Three" (better) Lightbulb Makers Are
Troubleshooting incandescent lightbulb problems
Troubleshooting halogen lamp problems
Troubleshooting fluorescent lamp problems
Troubleshooting mercury, metal halide and sodium lamp problems

Slight update 11/20/2006.

Yes, I am aware that in the USA technical types outside the automotive industry typically call a lightbulb a "lamp".

What the "Big Three" (better) Lightbulb Makers Are

By the "Big Three" light bulb manufacturers, I mean General Electric, Osram/Sylvania, and Philips. They are the main producers of good lightbulbs in the USA.

Please note that store brand lightbulbs with lumen light output figures and hour life expectancy figures like those of "Big Three" actually are "Big Three" lightbulbs.

"Big Three" "regular" (A19) lightbulbs will usually...

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Water heating basics and facts helps you understand water heaters and heating for better selection and savings. Find out more info about the Flow Rate, First Hour Delivery, Recovery Rate, efficiency, BTU calculations, energy cost calculator...

Basic water heater definition and terminology

Draw efficiencyEnergy factorFirst hour deliveryFlow rateInlet temperatureInput ratingPeak periodRecovery efficiencyRecovery rateTemperature riseThermal efficiency and BTUTerminologyFormulas, conversions, and link to the energy cost calculatorAbbreviations

Draw efficiency

Draw efficiency is the amount of hot water drawn from the tank-type water heater (available to the consumer), at a 3 gallons per minute flow rate and before the outlet water temperature drops 25 F.

In other words; when using a storage type heater for water heating, 70% of the hot water of the tank’s volume may be drawn before hot water dilutes with the incoming cold water. For example, if you are...

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Q: I can’t seem to find my seat hammock when setting up my Fish Trap shelter. Did I not receive one?

The hammock is actually a tent material (just like the tent of your Fish Trap) and it is stored inside the same bag as your Fish Trap tent. Please look inside that same bag and you will find the hammock.

Q: I have lost the owner’s manual for my shelter. Where can I get another one?

There are owner’s manuals available online. Click Here

Q: The zipper on my shelter freezes up and/or sticks. Is there anything I can use to help prevent this from happening?

• Zipper Lube is one brand, often found in the camping section of sporting goods stores. This is a gel applied to the zipper.
• There are also a few silicone sprays that may be used to lubricate the zipper.

Q: What will help keep mice or rodents from eating the tent of my Clam shelter?

We recommend that you keep your tent in a sealed plastic tote with laundry dryer sheets or moth...

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