It rained last night; how dry do boards have to be before painting


So I'll start off by saying that I'm sorry I have no before pictures, but I made you a video of the sponge-painting process on a piece of foam board.

This room was done twelve years ago and it really is an easy process to paint this effect on the wall. I had never sponge-painted, or even "normally" painted a room before this project. You really don't need any artistic skills in this project either, but don't tell my friends and family that, I like them to continue to think that I have amazing painting skills!

Depending on how your room is shaped, you need to decide which walls are the night-time walls and which walls will become the day-light walls. I decided to split my room diagonally down the center and do half and half. I do caution against painting your entire room in the dark night-time themed colors, as I would think it would optically shrink your room and you would need lot of light in the evening hours to see comfortably. But it is your room--if you want a...

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Yep. I’m speaking from experience on this one. It all started on Saturday when my handsome, weekend mechanic changed the oil in our cars. After I drove my car off the ramps I parked it on the street so Brad could work on our other cars. I was going to move my car back into the driveway when he was done, but it started to rain so I decided I’d move it in the morning. While Brad and I were watching this documentary (yeah, we’re worldly like that) later in the evening, I sat up and said, “Did I roll up the window on my car?” Thank goodness I threw on my rain boots and ran out into the pouring rain because no, no I didn’t roll up my window. And it had been pouring rain for four hours. FOUR HOURS.

So here are my handy tips for drying out your rained-in car:

1. Curse.

2. Roll up the window and get the car into a covered area ASAP.
(I backed my car into our garage.)

3. Sit on towels when you move your car. This will help soak up some of the water...

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FAQS for Consumers

From general questions about painting and staining, to specific questions about Rust-Oleum products, let us help you answer common questions about surfaces and coatings.

Specialty Metallic FAQs

Can I top coat Specialty Metallic? Are these for Indoor/Outdoor use? Do I need to prime before painting my project?

Specialty High Heat Ultra Aerosol FAQs

What is the Difference between High Heat Ultra and High Heat? Can I use this inside my fireplace? What do I do if my can clogs mid project?

Specialty Dry Erase Kit FAQ

How long do I need to wait before using my Dry Erase Board? What finish does Specialty Dry Erase come in? How do I clean my Dry...
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I’m back from my vacation last week and it was so nice to have a little getaway. I really needed it!! A big THANK YOU to my friends Jennifer, Amy and Denise for guest blogging for me while I was gone! I’m back with a project that has been in the works for a couple of months now and I’m excited to share it with you.

My friend Laci asked me if I would be interested in revamping an old dining room set for her. I thought Laci’s project would be the perfect transformation to show you just how easy it is to create gorgeous hand painted looking finishes with spray paint.

While I still use regular paint for my revamps, my preferred and most often used method for revamps is now with spray paint, because it’s so much faster! I can come really close to basically duplicating almost any type of paint finish with spray paint as long as I make sure to use a few tricks that I’m sharing today.

So on to the steps…

1) Temperature and Humidity...

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When looking at dry erase paint reviews online you will come across many products, which say they do a job of dry erase style paint which is similar to dry erase boards, however, all products work in different ways. Hence, before you decide on any product, you need to weigh the pros and cons of each product properly. The safest and best way to test such a product is to order for samples of the product, and try them out on a wall surface to test if what the manufacturers are claiming is true or not.

How Does it Work?
To create a dry erase board surface one has to paint the wall with the dry erase paint. One can draw illustrations, make notes, make a to do list, leave messages, plan strategies, etc., on such a surface. The possibilities of using these surfaces are many, however, what is important is to see if these surfaces are really erasable, and hence getting a sample product to test the product yourself is a good idea.

The three most competing products you...

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We are getting the exterior of our house painted and we live in Seattle. It's been raining for the last week.

There is supposed to be one clear weather day tomorrow and our exterior painters want to get started on the priming (it's still raining this evening). I'm panicked about them painting so closely after the rain. Everything I have read says that you have to wait 3 days or so for the wood to dry before painting? What happens if they don't wait?

I should note that we had massive paint failure and so removed all of the paint from the lapboards on the bottom of our house. So the wood is completely exposed. On the top, we installed new Hardy shingles.

Thanks so much for any advice you can...

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By Eric Morud

If it is recommended that you wait to paint your house up to two days after power washing your siding, how is it that if it rains in the morning you could easily be painting your home the same afternoon?

That is because unlike power washing, rain doesn't typically soak into the siding of a home allowing for painting shortly after it stops raining.

Another factor is that eaves and soffits help keep rain from even hitting the house, keeping the siding dry and ready for paint.

Having the home's siding clean, dry and dull before painting is a key to success, which makes questions of when to do an exterior paint job after power washing and rain important.

A rule of thumb used by many painters is what's called the "sidewalk test," which is noting that if the sidewalk is dry after a rain then so is the siding and you can begin painting.

While that test tells you when you can paint, what happens if a sudden rain begins...

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Going to be using Aura. I've painted some tests with Benjamin Moore Sample cans, they do not say a dry time on them, however, I found that they were fully dry to the touch very quickly, 20-30 minutes.

I checked on a can of Regal (it is interior) that I have. It says;

Dries to touch in 1 Hours
Re-coat in 2 hours

Washable in 2 weeks.


If it isn't washable for 2 weeks, at what point is it rain safe? Dries to touch time, re-coat time or washable time?

Maybe the real cans for Aura will have some better guidelines on them. Without knowing any better, when it is fully dry to touch and I don't get any smudges or get any paint on my hand when rubbing a painted area firmly, I would assume it is safe to get wet... But if the can of Regal says not washable until 2 weeks, then I think my assumption is...

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In my view, it all depends on what kinda paint you're wanting to use.

I think you could at least apply an exterior alkyd primer while you're waiting for the humidity to subside. And, if it doesn't subside, you could just apply an alkyd paint instead.

Latex paint is a whole nuther can of worms.

Latex paints consist of a SLURRY of coloured solid particles called pigments and clear hard plastic particles called resins all suspended in a mixture of water and a low volatility water soluble solvent called a coalescing agent.

When you apply latex paint, the water evaporates from the wet paint film leaving the clear hard plastic particles surrounded by an ever increasing concentration of that coalescing solvent. It's that coalescing solvent that softens those clear hard resins into soft mushy blobs so that they stick to and pull on one another to form a continuous plastic film with the pigments suspended inside it much like raisins in raisin...

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To avoid extra work when doing exterior painting, it is wise to have a good plan of attack. Important considerations should be the sequence and procedures you follow in applying your paint. Here are some guidelines:

As a general rule, work from the top down so that you don't drip onto areas that have already been repainted. Start by painting fascia boards, gutters and eaves; then tackle the walls; next, paint your downspouts; finish the job by painting windows, doors and trim. When painting lap siding, work horizontally by applying paint all the way across several boards (stopping in the middle of a board can cause an unsightly "lapping" effect, which may show up immediately, or after a year or two of weathering). Likewise, on vertical siding - grooved plywood or board-and-batten, for example - complete one vertical section at a time, then move on to the next section. Regardless of the surface you are painting, don't stop painting until you reach a visual breakpoint.
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Do I need to prime my hardi plank siding?

How long before I need to paint my hardi plank siding?

Do I need to paint my Hardi Plank siding?

Is Hardi Plank Siding a composite siding?

Does composite siding need painted?

Is Hardi Plank Siding cement siding?

Should I caulk Hardi Plank Siding?

These are all great questions that we can answer.

HardiPlank siding is durable fiber-cement board siding that is meant to last through extreme weather conditions and temperatures. The great thing about HardiPlank siding is how versatile it is. While it is very strong and durable it also mimics the appearance of wood leaving a great looking finish. HardiPlank siding can also be painted if the homeowner chooses to touch up or change the color entirely. There are still a few special guidelines that must be considered for best results of HardiPlank siding.

Paint HardiPlank siding within installation Time Frame- After installation of primed...
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Frequently Asked Questions: Decks

Decks: Keeping them looking new


Decks: Matching old and new sections

Decks: Matching color

Decks: Mildew


Decks: White spots

Decks: Shiny areas

Decks: Dark stains

Decks: Redwood, predipping wood

Decks: Performance

Pressure treated wood

Pressure treated wood: Safety

Dura Deck

We are at 6500 feet (1982 meters) in elevation, so we get snow in the winter. I have used Thompson's water seal, and other products, but without a doubt I have had to replenish the finish on my decks EVERY SUMMER because they lose their "new" look by then. Given the harsh elements of sun and snow, how often would you anticipate I would have to replenish the finish on my decks once I've used Deck Boss ? Naturally , I'm hopeful you'll say NEVER. Thank you.

Well, we wish we could say you...

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