Questions about: junction-box

Yes, you should install covers on the boxes. You should be able to pick up covers at the local hardware or big box, fairly cheap. Just make sure you measure all the boxes, and note their shape, before heading to the store
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You're familiar with the crimp-on red/yellow/blue ring terminals commonly used in hobby or automotive wiring? That system extends into larger sizes (#6 wires use a blue sleeve) and they also make code-rated lugs for electrical work (that don't have i
Hi There. We have a junction box in our basement furnace room (I believe that is what is called - the circle that is mounted in the joists and may sometimes have a light fixture hanging from it). Basically, I have included what the junction box had,
Is there anyway to safely mount a ceiling fan to this type of older ceiling junction box (see the photos)? I rent an old 1920's built house where an old hanging light fixture junction box was covered with a blank panel. I want to hang a ceiling fan i
Then just after the iFan, I won at a raffle something called "iPhone docking station"! But it was a fake one, my iPhone couldn't even fit on the dock and there was just a phone connector for the music. .
For very small needs (which I'm assessing your stated needs as) a portable tank (3-5 gallons - 12-20 liters or so) which you either fill up at an air station or pump up with a standing bicycle pump is probably more sensible than a compressor. If you
The threaded rod you see in the middle is a stud. It is used to attach mounting bars or hickey (a connecting device). Studs are attached to the box, not to framing members
A few types of light fixtures A light fixture (US English), light fitting (UK English), or luminaire is an electrical device used to create artificial light by use of an electric lamp. All light fixtures have a fixture body and a light socket to hold