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I'm about to build a tile counter top (or bench top as we call it here) for a new kitchen. I'm going to be using large porcelain floor tiles on top and thought I'd finish the edges with a nice native timber. The top I'm working on is the breakfast ba
After 15 years of use, my 20"x14" cutting board looks tired. Now that I'm looking to put in fresh kitchen countertops, I'm contemplating using the same kind of wood (do identify the type if you know) for a far larger area, but I know that its upkeep
Actually, I noticed two problems with your countertop. One, the gap does seem too large for a stone countertop. Two, the seam is perpendicular when it should have been cut and fitted at a 45 degree angle
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This collection reinvents the bathroom thanks to the custom-made large format concept so that pieces are manufactured to adapt to the space and create areas with very few pieces and in one material. The large format pieces mean that the joints are pr