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i am not sure what ben is talking about, but then again, i am unfamiliar with bialetti coffemakers. i am however, very familiar with stainless steel. if this is just a question of removing heat discoloration from stainless steel, its pretty straightf
To Use: 1. Push in and turn control knob to the SLOW COOK zone and set the desired temperature: Lo or Hi. Preheating is not necessary
With a tape measure, measure the diameter of the ceiling opening. This is important because it will determine which type of recessed light you should buy. What If the Opening Is Too Small? As expected, it's easiest to purchase a light that exactly fi
Purchase all the supplies. Once you’re rolling on the project, you don’t want to have to stop to purchase more tile, thin-set mortar, or anything else, so purchase it all in advance. Consult with the tile vendor or a home improvement store regarding
Firstly, this is in France so we're talking 220V power. I've got two new single/individual induction hobs. They're both 2100W at full blast
I'm in the process of installing a Wolf CG365T/S gas cooktop, and according to the manufacturer's instructions, I am specifically instructed not to seal the cooktop against the counter. I'm inclined to defer to the manufacturer, especially when it is
I have a fan oven at home that's only a few years old. About six months ago it started intermittently emitting a horrific sound, that I was able to trace to the fan at the back of the oven scraping against the heating element that surrounds it. Close