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I recently bought a 28' fiberglass extension ladder (big-name brand from the blue box store), but I found that it's a bit warped. When I lean it against the house, with both feet firmly planted and squared up, the top right of the ladder stands off t
Carefully & the rental options you mentioned I totally agree with. .
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The way to handle a long extension ladder safely is to learn how. That sounds tautological, but the point is that you shouldn't mess with it until you've had training and practice , in a safe, open area. If a ladder that long is too much for you to h
This is from the Werner Ladder Co. FAQ for wood folding attic ladders: For reattaching the springs on your model ladder you will need two people. One person will need to go into the attic and have the door closed
ibuprofen303: If some sticking up out of the hole, file flats in it and use spanner, or lightly hammer on a bolt remover socket (spiral cutting teeth inside) that's very slightly smaller than what's sticking out. Bolt remover sockets are ok, actually
Tired of dragging out the sketchy stepladder whenever it’s time to schlep another load of worthless crap valuable mementos up to the attic? Instead of wiggling your butt through a 14” scuttle hole in the ceiling, wouldn’t it be sweet to just tug on a