Ladder is warped; how much is too much?


I recently bought a 28' fiberglass extension ladder (big-name brand from the blue box store), but I found that it's a bit warped. When I lean it against the house, with both feet firmly planted and squared up, the top right of the ladder stands off the house by a couple inches. When I step on, the ladder doesn't feel overly stable and shifts a bit because of this warping. That said, I did actually use it fully extended for a couple hours, and I didn't fall off.

The ladder hasn't been damaged since I got it, at least. And I don't see any evidence of cracks or other failure. I'd like to return it, but I permanent-markered my name on the sides as soon as I bought it, and it seems to have soaked into the fibers so it doesn't come off with ethanol, acetone, or mineral spirits. (If anyone has a suggestion for how to get this off, I'm all ears.)

When it's on the ground, I can stand it on edge, and look down the side. Lining up the two sides at the end nearest me, I can see...

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Oh, the classic masturbation question — how much is too much? Do people who are in a relationship masturbate? Oops, Delilah’s getting carried away here and asking the questions instead of answering them…

More to the point: Individuals vary tremendously in how much they masturbate. Some folks wouldn’t dream of it, while others masturbate two or three times in their lives, and others two or three times a day. (And those aren’t the only options!) There are no deleterious effects of masturbation itself, and it shouldn’t matter whether you’re single or in a relationship.

On the other hand, since you’re worried about how your masturbation may be affecting your relationship with your partner, here are a few things to think about to help you decide if it’s a problem or not:

How is your health? Has it changed in any way since you increased your masturbation?Are you satisfied with your life — career, relationship, friendships — or are you using masturbation as an escape...
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So, after trialling three weeks of 54mg (generic) concerta in the AM (this seems to be my magic morning dose,) and still needing to supplement with my methylphenidate IR for after work, evening shifts, etc. my pdoc approved me to take an additional concerta tab some 8/9 hours (this is when the brainfog returns) after I take my morning dose.

I've been supplementing with 20mg of IR in the afternoons already and a few nights of the week even needing another 10mg later on. Methylphenidate doesn't make me sleepy but I can sleep just fine on it, barring a bit of heart-pounding from the IR which I don't get with the concerta.

Anyway, pdoc and I are putting me on an additional 27mg in the afternoon, but I have a separate script for 18mg concerta should the 27mg be too much. I did come across many things online saying that 54mg of concerta is an average max daily dose 'taken at one time,' and I am not exceeding the 54mg at once. 81mg comes well under some mg/weight unit...

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Hi, I'm having issues with mine as it could not idle well. After taking the carbs off I noticed the gas in the bowls were tainted blackish color and particulates floating around. I cleaned it once and the boat sat for 3 weeks and then when I ran it it was not running at high speed. Tore the carbs and cleaned them, not only I noticed tint again but bowls were slightly warped as you describe them. I took the high jets off and cleaned them, they were gummed up.

Now I have not noticed any leaks, I even put old gaskets on it as I am going to rebuild the carbs this fall, if no leaks your OK. I even noticed a slight crack that did not go to the inside on one of the bowls.

I'm in FL, so I think its due to the gasoline (maybe the ethanol) drying out the bowls, the way the bowl is it has no support in the middle for an injected plastic part, so I just think it shrinks a bit and you can see the effect of the warping and perhaps in some BB leaking.

I will assume the bowls...

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For tandem skydiving one drop zone I frequent states, "You must weigh less than 230 lbs with your regular clothes on, and be height/weight proportionate. We have to follow these limits due to manufacturers' equipment restrictions."

This weight may be slightly higher or lower depending on the individual drop zone policy. The reason behind this is safety, both the tandem instructor and student must not exceed the combined weight recommendation of the manufacturer of the equipment used. This is called wing loading and typically it is 1lb. per 1 sq.ft. of parachute fabric so the wing load ratio is 1:1 for tandem equipment.

It is also best to call ahead and speak with the drop zone before assuming you can skydive. Explain your concerns and I am certain most drop zones will do what is possible to accommodate you. We love introducing this sport to new people!

If your weight exceeds the ability of the drop zone to take you on a tandem skydive, you still may be able to...

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The ladder was braced against the railings going to the basement. I started climbing up. I had to get to the ceiling and this was my Rube Goldberg way of doing it without having to put up scaffolding. I made it up two or three rungs before coming to my senses. It would be so easy for the railing to break and for me to go tumbling down the stairs.

You see I was trying to paint my living room with a cathedral ceiling. I had to get up near the apex at 12 feet. The problem was that there were stairs going to the basement and nowhere to safely put the ladder. So I tried bracing it against the railing before giving up. I was trying to put primer over a quote painted in black that said, "It's not how far you fall, but how high you bounce." It would have been so ironic for me fall from the ladder while trying to paint over that quote. Believe me, I wouldn't have bounced very high.

How much risk is too much? I calculated the risk and found the risk was too high for the reward....

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The point of abstractions is to factor out common properties from the specific ones, like in the mathematical operation:

ab + ac => a(b + c)

Now you do the same thing with two operations instead of three. This factoring made our expression simpler.

A typical example of an abstraction is the file system. For example, you want your program to be able to write to many kinds of storage devices: pen drives, SD cards, hard drives, etc...

If we didn't have a file system, we would need to implement the direct disk writing logic, the pen drive writing logic and the SD card writing logic. But all of these logics have something in common: they create files and directories, so this common things can be abstracted away, by creating an abstraction layer, and providing an interface to the hardware vendor to do the specific stuff.

The more the things share a common property. The more beneficial an abstraction can be:

ab + ac + ad + ae + af


a(b + c + d + e...
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Have you ever worked more than 40 hours in one week? Most people have and their bosses probably thanked them for their hard work. Your boss might think you’re doing a good job, but the majority of new research says the exact opposite.

Take for example, a man named Lee from South Korea. Lee is a government employee. He gets up every day at 5:30 a.m. to start his two-hour commute to work. Lee spends all day sitting at his computer until he finishes work at 9 p.m. and begins his two-hour commute home. Once Lee gets home and finishes dinner, he has four hours to sleep before he has to get up and do it all over again, six days per week. Lee works over 80 hours a week and gets only three days of vacation per year.

Lee is an extreme example, but his work schedule and level of stress are exactly what new studies have been talking about. Some people believe that 40 hours per week is the sweet spot for productivity. Adding 20 extra hours per week only adds a small boost in...

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Just like the other recent poster, I also am fairly new, at least to furniture making. I too have a couple of bowed pieces, though I haven't tried to edge glue them... Yet. But I have 5 boards that will make up a table top.

I have quarter sawn oak that is 4 1/2 wide x 46 and a couple of boards have a cup with a gap of about 1/4" at the worst. The wood is still 7/8" thick so I have a little help in that I need to plane them down to 3/4.

The table top that these will make up will have breadboard ends and I'm considering using dowel joints to aid in the edge gluing. I'm just afraid that even with these helps of planing and dowels and breadboard ends, I'll still have trouble.


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Since I taught my first public seminar in 1997, Martial Blade Concepts (MBC) and all the other parallel curricula I practice (empty-hand tactics, counter-weapon, stick, handgun, etc.) have evolved significantly—as they should. As I continue to learn and get exposed to new things, my approach to tactics changes. As my body changes with age, my tactics change as well. And, most importantly, as my understanding of what works, why it works, and how to make it work best grows and deepens, my tactics change.

Generally speaking, the changes that have occurred have been toward a more simplified, outcome-based approach that provides usable skills in the shortest possible time. The ability to trust and have confidence in a more finite skill set is fueled by a deeper understanding, as well as the communication skills to convey the logic of the system efficiently to allow others to share in that deeper understanding. Following the theme and explaining that in simpler terms, the message...

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In real life, you would never use a ladder that only let you go up. Likewise, when creating abstractions, stepping down is as important as stepping up.

Here, we take the abstraction from the previous section, and overlay a concrete representation on top of it. That is, we draw the trajectory that represents all time, but we also draw the car at some particular time.

How do we select which particular time to show? We could use the slider, which has reappeared. But we can also mouse over touch the trajectory to see the car at that point.

This is a general and powerful technique. Every point on a visual abstraction typically corresponds to a particular concrete state. Pointing at the abstraction to step down to a concrete representation lets us quickly explore regions of interest.

Try cranking up the turning rate to or so, and then inspecting the car's behavior as it makes its first two turns. It almost pivots in place! This unphysical behavior is...

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Prediction: light passing close to a massive object should be noticeably bent. The amount of bending increases as the mass increases.

Observation: During a solar eclipse you see that the stars along the same line of sight as the Sun are shifted ``outward''. This is because the light from the star behind the Sun is bent toward the Sun and toward the Earth. The light comes from a direction that is different from where the star really is. But wouldn't Newton's law of gravity and the result from Einstein's Special Relativity theory that E = mc2 predict light deflection too? Yes, but only half as much. General Relativity says that time is also stretched so the deflection is twice as great.

Observation: The light from quasars is observed to be bent by gravitational lenses produced by galaxies between the Earth and the quasars. It is possible to see two or more identical images of the same background quasar. In some cases the light from background quasars or galaxies can be...

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DR. MIKE MURDOCK (aka the Fleecer)


Michael Dean Murdock (born April 18, 1946 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States) He is a fake, fraud, televangelist and pastor of the Wisdom Center ministry based in Fort Worth, Texas and the son of J.E. Murdock, is also a pastor.

Murdock was educated in LaGrange High School in Lake Charles and attended Southwestern Assemblies of God University in Waxahachie for three semesters. He didn't quite make it, the calling and the cash was too much to bear bothering to listen to their stuff. He writes his own "stuff".

He received an honorary doctorate from International Seminary in Florida which is not accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada. A mail order house. I'm Jewish and could get a degree there if I just put an "en" after my last name. Probably wouldn't have to do that. For 29.95 additional I would get the...

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