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I have a locking laminate floor that runs continuously through two large rooms and down a narrow hallway. The boards run length-wise down the hallway, and through the large room--the hallway "rows" are 40' long in total--20' in the hallway, 20' in th
I second @ChrisCudmore's recommendation of not using laminate in a wet environment. Consider choosing a flooring type that is less susceptible to degradation via moisture. That being said, the rule of thumb for determining plank width is to shoot for
Actually, the above statement is correct. I have installed many laminate floors over short pile carpet. If you think about it, when you install a foam under the laminate it's like short carpet
Couple ideas come to mind: Focus near windows, this is the typical location of an HVAC vent. Compare the room with others to find common locations, spacing from the wall, and typical number of vents in the room. If you believe you have located it, a
I doubt it qas from rhe cleaning unless standing water or harsh chemicals were involved. Find out what chemicals were used to clean the flooring. Some (all?) laminate flooring is very susceptible to chemicals and recommend either only water or specia
Baseboards should be installed after laminate. Most (all?) Laminate is a floating flooring system which means it doesn't actually attach to the subfloor (friction holds it in place once all the pieces are set together. As a result, it will expand/con
DIY LAMINATE FLOORING Installing laminate flooring is an ideal flooring project for DIYers of any experience. With the right tools and set of instructions, you can easily complete your laminate flooring installation in a single day. TOOLS & MATER
By Todd Fratzel on Flooring Floor Transitions I’d like to share some thoughts on how to transition hardwood and tile floors. Hardwood Flooring has become a very popular DIY project for many home owners. Also every DIY program on television has featur