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Posted by Matthew Stock on Friday, May 16, 2014. A finished basement is the dream of many homeowners. Sometimes it’s a necessity – a way to create badly needed living space for a growing family
Inside, the painting would work & should last 10-years before needing to be scraped of bubbles, peels & cracks before a repainting. But, down the long road it'll need to be completely stripped off & re-done, which is a huge pain. But outd
Based on your rather telling but incomplete information, I have to caution you on your plans. This may have changed, I haven't had septic in 20-years. Not good & not legal, if the field hasn't been unused for 20-years
Without (electrical) power tools, or a sledgehammer: Here are 10 options besides a hammer or Fire-setting. .
Recently, as in September [Final close date was 11/13/2015] this year, I bought a house. This house is on an extreme incline. I would like to level out this incline
Summary Is there any equipment that I can rent 'inexpensively' (less than $400) that would allow 1-2 people to accurately (+/- 6") capture the topography of hilly terrain of perhaps 250' on a side in an afternoon? Details My wife and I are about to e
I have a 15x20 synthetic grass area and I want to put something "soft" around the edges for the kid. My plan is to use rubber paver: Like the 16x16 from Lowe's: http://www. lowes
The typical base is pretty much what you described: topsoil dug down to undisturbed soil and/or topsoil dug out then soil machine compacted 2" layer of crushed rock, machine compacted 2" another layer of crushed rock, machine compacted repeat until y
Are there any special tools required? You do not need a whole new set of tools to lay artificial grass. The only thing you absolutely need is a sharp knife (Stanley knife). Artificial grass is delivered in rectangular pieces which usually need to be