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If it were me, I'd install a new sanitary tee in the main drain, just above the existing sanitary tee. I'd have the standpipe for the washer come down into a P-trap, and connect the other end to the new tee. However, you'll have to make sure the stan
Our laundry room shares space with the water heater and the current set up is driving me nuts. Our washer is next to the water heater and the outlet/vent for the dryer is against the opposite wall. So to paint a clear picture the washer and dryer fac
I can certainly collect some pictures for this but I'm hoping on sound engineering & design principles I'll get a recommendation worthy of executing to that meets code. I have a vented clothes dryer. I do not have a ventless dryer and I am consid
[QUOTE] Posted By: hotrodder89 Most people don't know how to read an analog meter and become overwhelmed when they see all the number and lines. Heck with digital sometimes they are lucking just getting the knob turned to right spot. let alone with a
We have an LG front loading washer that vibrates violently and walks when it goes into the spin cycle. Our house is wood framed, built in 1991, and our laundry room floor is vinyl. We've had multiple service calls and while the inner drum was replace
This circuit should also not have any other outlets, other than the ones for "laundry equipment". So keep the 15 ampere circuit for your general use receptacles, and run a new 20 ampere circuit for the "laundry equipment". Also note that the receptac
A router & maybe a switch or two (depending on how many ports are on the router) and lots of ethernet cables will be needed to get packets moving. A print server (I use a Trendnet TE100 to link my non-network-capable printer into my home network)