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Amazing it's been a month since I visited this, but I've now had four plumbers, an electrician, a drainage service company, and a previous owner of the home in to figure this out. Fortunately, the answer lay in phoning the previous owner who was very
Plumber's putty would be used to attach the drain cover to the sink. It creates a blockage and suctions both pieces together. It should be a ring of plumber's putty, when smashed is maybe a 1/2" wide
The previous owner put a new shingle roof on my garage about 4 years ago, but the problem is that the roof wasn't sloped enough for shingles. Most of the water runs off OK, but some does get through the shingles toward the back. I'm trying to find a
Depending on the age of your roof,,,specifically if your roof is older when installing a damper vent which is required for a roof top venting method the vent and shingles must be sealed together. The problem over time is the sealant goes through seas
Given a recent question, you might want to consider replacing the whole toilet. There are good examples of low-water-use toilets out now that reliably flush with far less water (1. 28 gallons per flush) than older toilets, and you know all the parts
One common cause for outdoor faucet leakages is loosening of the nut that secures the faucet-pipe connection. To fix this problem, tighten the nut with a wrench. If the nut feels stiff when you tighten it, wipe any accumulated debris off its threads,
I'm trying to plumb a Toto Washlet, and unfortunately, my landlord didn't properly connect the shut-off valve for the toilet (the water can't be turned off). So, instead, I thought I'd plumb it from the sink cold water supply. Home Depot didn't have
Selling a house with suspected mold is not always easy, but not disclosing the damage is also risky. By drainage problem you are a bit vague.