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I'm trying to plumb a Toto Washlet, and unfortunately, my landlord didn't properly connect the shut-off valve for the toilet (the water can't be turned off). So, instead, I thought I'd plumb it from the sink cold water supply. Home Depot didn't have
Selling a house with suspected mold is not always easy, but not disclosing the damage is also risky. By drainage problem you are a bit vague.
I recently discovered that water was dripping from the ceiling light fixture in a first floor bathroom. It turned it was due to a toilet leak (faulty wax ring) in a bathroom directly above. The toilet leak has been fixed, and in fact there was no evi
Water will always win if you "fix" these from the inside. The correct, effective, and unfortunately expensive fix is to excavate outside and drain the water below wall level outside, then seal and drain the exterior of the wall to the exterior drain.
I removed the light fixture in the downstairs bathroom that the water was dripping through and discovered a patch of mold. It's only the size of the fixture (about a foot in diameter) and aside from the visible mold there doesn't appear to be signifi
I live in the Midwest of the United States, and we not-too-rarely get a large amount of rain coming down at one time both in the spring and sometimes in the fall. Last night was no different (aside from random earthquakes.
3 Drain Line Maintenance code for 2015 Devices or methods for providing condensate drain cleaning or de-clogging are discussed in this companion article: CONDENSATE DRAIN CLEAN & DE-CLOG The following HVACR condensate disposal recommendations sum
What to do with Leaking under sink– Leaking in your bathroom sink can be a pain to resolve this usually happens when you install a new sink basin waste system and usually there is uneven gap or unsealed gap under the sink and the basin waste unit. Ty
In our upstairs bathroom we had a leak from the copper joint that connected the spigot. I cut a hole in the wet wall and fixed that issue. However now when we shower there nw a pears to be water seeping through the floor in the bathroom to the floor
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: Where can I purchase a replacement bracket or hose? A: LevAqua hand held showers can be used with industry standard hoses and brackets. Should you wish to purchase our accessories separately, please contact our customer