LED Light Glowing


I recently replaced over half of the light bulbs in my home with low power LED types. Mostly they work okay and the light they produce is vastly better than fluorescent bulbs plus the power savings, if true, seem impressive but some of them emit a dull glow when switched off. Is the glow cancelling the power savings and adding to my electricity bill?

The performance of LED light bulbs has improved exponentially in the past couple of years and given their long life expectancy, very low power consumption and rapidly falling prices, they are a cost effective alternative to tungsten and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs with payback times measured in months rather then years. I expect that we will be hearing more about them in future, particularly with regard to interference, but we will deal first with that mystery glow. This is due to induction and/or capacitance effects, with tiny currents leaking through and across cables in the lighting circuit. It is probably too small an...

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LED Furniture: Colorful LED Light Glowing Chairs!

LED Light Glowing Chairs

I came across these awesome LED light glowing chairs by accident while researching for the coolest furniture pieces!

I almost had a heart attack when I saw them!
They are amazing and absolutely perfect for throwing the most fun parties!!

These ‘glowing chairs’ will keep changing colors and they come with a remote control!

*This one in the picture, for example, is a fun LED light sofa chair for sale that can be placed indoors or outdoors!

Imagine having several of these near your pool or on your patio and having a fun gathering at night!

They also have a rechargeable battery, so you will never run out of the colorful lights!
(These are also perfect for having in a nightclub as well, of course!)

LED Waterproof Mood Lighting Apple Shape Glowing Chair

Best LED Furniture!

Apple Shape Glowing Chair for Sale

How awesome is the...

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Your mother always told you to be home before dark, but we bet she never had a UTV! One of the best times to ride is after the sun goes down and that’s why Side By Side Stuff offers the 22” LED Light Bar by Seizmik. With 10 high intensity Cree LED lights emitting an additional 9000 Lumens on top of your stock lights, you’ll have 30,000 plus hours of life.

This light bar is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum housing, a shatter and abrasion resistant polycarbonate lens, and a custom molded silicone seal for a 100% waterproof enclosure. The combination flood and spot reflectors provide maximum spread and throw for improved visibility. Reliable, efficient and tough – even Mom would be impressed!

Features and Specifications:

10 X 10w HIGH INTENSITY CREE® LEDs Abrasion & Shatter resistant, optically clear polycarbonate lens Custom molded silicone seal for 100% waterproof enclosureSuper efficient LED driver circuitry passes 97% of the power directly to the LED Hybrid...
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Automotive Lighting

LEDGlow Lighting provides vehicle enthusiasts with the most innovative aftermarket automotive LED lighting kits on the market. With a product lineup that includes underbody LED lights, interior LED lights, wheel well LED lights, as well as tailgate light bars for trucks, work lights and truck bed lighting kits, LEDGlow is constantly pushing the envelope with cutting edge product designs that feature the newest technologies at an affordable price. LEDGlow's lighting kits will give any vehicle a unique, head turning look and can be installed to any car, truck or limo as well as golf carts, ATVs, boats and even home applications! LEDGlow stands behind each LED lighting kit with free lifetime technical support and a one year limited warranty with each purchase.

Motorcycle Lighting

LEDGlow's Motorcycle LED Lights is at the forefront when it comes to aftermarket motorcycle underglow lighting and offers a variety of motorcycle accent lighting...

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LED Lighting for Everything

LED Lighting Benefits

LED lighting reduces energy consumption and helps establish a "greener" environment. Thousands of incentives, such as tax deductions and rebates, are offered across the U.S. for green energy initiatives. Certain LED product certifications or criteria met from using LED lighting enable you to receive these incentives from power companies, individual states, or the federal government.

LED light bulbs and fixtures are the most energy-efficient lighting available today. LED bulbs consume 80 percent less power than incandescent bulbs, 75 percent less than halogen bulbs, 20 percent less than fluorescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, and 80 percent less than HID bulbs. LED light bulbs and fixtures also reduce maintenance and replacement costs. Because of their long life spans, relamping is needed far less frequently than when other lighting...

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This Tac Light Collapsible LED Hanging Lantern is perfect for Camping, Hunting, Survivalists, Home Power Outages or any time you need a bright light.

RETAIL: $19.95 each TODAY: Get 2 for Just $19.95 - But for a Limited Time Only!


Energy Saving and Environment Friendly High quality LEDs make it safe, durable and energy efficient. Lasts more than 10000 hours Unique Telescopic Design Super lightweight and compact Turn it on by opening it and off by closing it Waterproof Stainless steel handle and plastic cover resistant to water Suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting Bright & Energy Efficient It features an omni-directional design and saving energy bulbs LED 30, giving 360 high-intensity.


Lamp source: 30 LED Modes:1 (ON/OFF) Switch type: push-body Net weight: About 9.17OZ/ 260g Dimensions:3.4 in x 5 in closed (7.2 in open) Material: Plastic Battery: 3 * AA batteries (not included) Please Allow 14 -21 business days for USA...
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Sourcing Guide for High Power LED:

Lighting is one of the most important of all building systems, and we offer buyers thousands products of lights to choose from including modern, indoor, outdoor and bathroom lighting. The range of lights manufacturers,wholesalers we represented is extensive. If you are mainly looking for 2018 newest High Power LED and High Power LED factory, Here you will find all the options you can ever have imagined. Be sure to consider all the options you might be able to find such as led lighting, led lamp, led light. Although picking lighting products from China might seem to be a very standard job, today's options make this once-easy decision more frustrating. Choose us to find the best selection of Chinese lighting suppliers with cheap price and make a success in your own market. With a wide range of lighting products and lighting solutions, we are here to make your sourcing experience...

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