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No. Using one source with good CRI is better than combining several poor CRIs. RGB leds are the most exaggerated example: when set to appear white, color rendition is HIDEOUS
Recently I purchased 10 meters of non water proofed 3285 RGB LED strip. Its resistors and LEDs are soldered on flimsy flex which may tear. What can I do to make it strong? I'm planning to stick it on duct tape but I couldn't get the tape of same with
This is common with older security sensors. (The sensor needs a small amount of power to function. To avoid wiring a neutral wire, they are wired in series with the bulbs, and power themselves by leaking a small amount of current through the bulbs -
What watt power transformer should I be using? You can use a power supply like the one pictured, rated for the amount of LED's you will be driving. Read the specs on the lighting. They should tell you how many watts per a given length of the strip
What’s the difference between an LED power supply, LED transformer, and LED driver? There’s no difference at all. These are different names used to describe the same product. Some lighting companies call them ‘transformers’, as they transform high-vo
Hi everybody. I have problem in bathroom with switch and led lights in roof (6 of them) Switch is double, right swich are for led lights in roof with dimmer and left one is for mirrior light, also led. So, just by self led light in roof after few min
I'm assuming your dimmer is rated for LED, ideally with a neutral wire? LED dimming is a morass of conflicting quasi-standards, and a lot of LED makers cut shortcuts by calling themselves "dimming" but only working with certain modern dimming methods
The cheapest, laziest way (that would actually work) is to obtain some cinematic gels (they are sheets), such as those made by Rosco. Cut them into strips or squares, affix any way practical. The better, long term approach is to spec better LED strip
Low-voltage transformers as used with MR16 12V spotlights also add to the complexity Some of the issues that may occur when a dimmer is incompatible with an LED lamp are: Flickering - Lamps will flicker (can also occur if a non-dimmable lamp is used)
1. 5 Volt LED Flashers #1: four circuits with description 1. 5v LED FLASHER: This is a very basic little circuit built around the LM3909 IC