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Fuses for small, low-voltage, usually residential, wiring systems are commonly rated, in North American practice, to interrupt 10,000 amperes. Fuses for larger power systems must have higher interrupting ratings, with some low-voltage current-limitin
It's hard to advise without knowing more about what other lighting will be in those areas and the type of activities you will have going on in the larger room. LED strip lights are great for kitchen task lighting under the cabinets. Personally, I pre
Hi, Firstly, hello - It's nice to meet you all! Long time stalker, first time poster! I have a question for you regarding a lighting project I'm about to undertake. I had booked the week off from work to finish my patio, but as it is currently snowin
After celebrating Earth day yesterday by burning a pile of tires I decided to be “green” and purchase some LED light bulbs from Lowe’s today. And by green I mean save some, because they were on sale today for $10 instead of the usual $20 so I picked