Light fixture powering other lights / garage door opener?


Unplug your garage door opener and plug it back in. When power is restored to the unit it will click when the light bulb activates. The clicking noise you are looking for is the sound that comes from the relay on the circuit board. If you do not hear a click coming from the motor housing, then the relay on the circuit board is bad. The circuit board on your garage door opener will have to be replaced if you want your light to function properly.

Some homeowners will continue using their garage door opener without a light due to the high cost of circuit board replacement. Many have used their opener years after the light bulb relay went out. You can choose to replace the circuit board yourself or hire your local garage door company. This will have to be a decision only you can make.

Light Doesn't Activate on Garage Door Opener When You Cross Safety Sensor Beam

Chamberlain Group products which include the LiftMaster, Chamberlain, & Sears Craftsman line of garage...

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LED and compact fluorescent light bulbs have become very popular with homeowners because of the energy savings they provide. For electric garage door openers, it is much better to use LED lightbulbs because they last 25% longer than compact fluorescent bulbs and don’t disrupt the communication signal between a door opener and its remote control.

First, a little bit of history. What does LED stand for?

Initially used in electronic products, a light-emitting diode (LED) bulb is a semiconductor device that emits light when an electric current is passed through it.

Unlike the well-known incandescent lightbulb that uses only 5% of the energy supplied to produce light, wasting the rest in heat, an LED has much more efficient energy use. LED bulbs can be low-output (dim), used as indicators on home electronics and in holiday lights, and high-output (bright) that are used in general-purpose lighting.

Here are the basic advantages of LED bulbs:

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When troubleshooting garage door opener light problems, apply these steps to tackle the inconvenience. Following these easy procedures won't take you much time. Many factors can damage the opener lights, so be sure to check every possible failure. In the end, you may need to completely replace the opener lights.

Step 1-Check the Fuse Box

Before examining the light bulb, check the fuses. They might need to be replaced. A surge of electricity can both harm the fuses and cause issues with your opener lights. If the fuse needs replacement, purchase new fuses at the hardware store. Make sure to switch off the electricity before carefully installing the new fuse. Resettable fuses are useful as they automatically help balance the current electricity, but sometimes these types of fuses also need to be replaced.

Step 2-Check the Wires

Every once in a while, you should check the condition of the wires and also check that everything is properly wired. If this is...

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The light bulb in your garage door opener illuminates the garage each time that the opener is activated. The type of light bulb that you use in the opener has a considerable impact on the bulb’s performance as well as the opener’s performance.

Garage door openers have a space for a light bulb. The light bulb illuminates the garage when the opener is activated. The type of light bulb that you choose impacts both the opener’s performance and the longevity of the bulb. If your opener’s light bulb is malfunctioning, a professional garage door service in Orange County can troubleshoot the situation and offer solutions to fix the problem.

CFL Bulbs

CFL bulbs offer a bright glow and use only a few watts of power. However, they are not designed for the frequent bursts of activity such as what takes place with the garage door opener. CFL lifetimes are maximized when the light bulb is allowed to remain on for several hours at a time. The frequent on and off will...

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So, you’re experiencing problems with your garage door opener’s remote unit, but you aren’t sure why. Everything else seems to be in order, but the fact remains that sometimes the door works without issue, and sometimes it simply goes haywire.

If you can’t identify the culprit, consider the fact that it may be the presence of LED lights that’s complicating matters, and here’s why.

Understanding LED light interference

As you may know, LED lights are becoming increasingly popular in businesses, homes and garages because of their energy efficiency, which stems from a phenomenon known as pulse-width modulation. Essentially, this means the LED lights are actually flashing at a rate of about 15 times per second, but to the naked eye, they emit a continuous stream of light. The control circuits that keep LED lights flashing on schedule do so by relying on frequencies between 30 and 300 MHZ, and here’s where problems can arise. Garage door openers typically rely on...

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A garage door is not going to be nearly as useful as it is meant to be if the light bulb happens to go out. This can cause immense amounts of problems, and it is in your best interest to get it fixed as soon as possible. The light bulb can be replaced just like a regular light bulb can.

The first thing that you will need to do is turn off the light switch and remove the old light bulb. In most cases, the lighting fixture is rather high so be certain to use a sturdy ladder to reach the bulb casing. Once you have gotten to the opener, you will likely need to drop the hinge cover down to access the bulb. Once the hinge is activated, remove the bulb by turning into counterclockwise.

The next step is to check the wattage of the bulb. You need to make certain that you put a new bulb in that has the correct wattage. If you put in a bulb that has a higher wattage, you may be asking for trouble. It is also suggested to avoid using the new energy efficient light bulbs because...

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SymptomProbable causeCorrective action Opener won't work from wall button or radio control.No power to opener.Check cord to outlet, wall switch and circuit breaker. Short circuit in wires to opener or wall button.Isolate by disconnecting the wires at the opener from the wall station. Motor Protector trips open due to ex- cessive use.Allow motor to cool for 20 minutes and trv aqain. Opener works from wall button but not from radio control.Radio control system non-operational.Weak or dead battery in transmitter- replace.
Security Code not matched between receiver and transmitter
If two or more transmitters don't work, have Motor Control Board Tested.
Door does not open and opener light flashes.Something obstructing door travel.Disconnect door from operator. Oper- ate door by hand to locate obstruction or call a service person. Insufficient opening force.Adjust opening force. Build up of ice and snow around door.Shovel and clear door area. Door does not open fully and...
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Stylish Outdoor Garage Lights Make the Most of Your Domain

Outdoor Garage Lighting from Maxim Lighting

Outdoor garage lighting can have a big impact on the decorative appeal of your home—especially when your garage is an integral part of your home and is front-facing. The outdoor garage light fixtures you choose should not only match and complement the style of your home; they should be sized and positioned with care.

A few simple lighting tips will help you make the most of your home’s exterior beauty in an energy-efficient, eco-friendly manner.

Top 5 Outdoor Garage Lighting Tips

Be Size Wise:

•Don’t go too small. Size of fixtures should be one-quarter to one-third the height of the garage door opening when installed on either side.

“Mica” outdoor wall light from Savoy House

•If fixtures are to be installed over the top of the garage door, they should be centered across to spread even illumination along the...

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We often have customers call in and ask us if it is okay to replace their garage door opener bulb with an energy efficient light bulb. The answer is Yes and No…it depends on your opener.

Although this may be good practice for your house lamps it’s not a good idea for all garage door openers. According to recent articles CFL light bulbs can cause interference with the radio receiver and remotes on the garage door operator. General Electric issued the following statement:

Many electronic devices, such as radios, televisions, wireless telephones, and remote controls, use infrared light to transmit signals. Infrequently, these types of electronic devices accidentally interpret the infrared light coming from a compact fluorescent bulb as a signal, causing the electronic device to temporarily malfunction or stop working. (For example, your television might suddenly change channels.) Fortunately, this only happens when light is produced at the same wavelength as the...

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“If you use your garage as a workshop, a recreation space or a place to pursue
your hobbies, proper lighting is a must.”

With so many garage lighting options, how do you make the right lighting choice? How much do lights for your garage cost? What style works best for your garage? Is it really worth the time and effort?

Good questions. Following is detailed information on the various lighting options for your garage, how to choose the best option for your garage, what they will cost, and a few recommendations.

Do you need a Lighting upgrade?

On the other hand, if you use your garage as a workshop, a recreation space or a place to pursue your hobbies, proper garage lighting is a must. There is nothing worse than trying to find, build or repair something in a poorly lit garageIf you do nothing more than park your car or cars in the garage (a rarity for most people, if their cars actually fit in the garage), you probably don’t need this article....

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Q: HomeLink Compatible Wayne Dalton Garage Door Opener Models

A: The following Wayne Dalton models are compatible with HomeLink. If your opener model is not on the list, it is not HomeLink compatible. We do carry a

HomeLink conversion kit

so you can make your opener compatible.

HomeLink Compatible Wayne Dalton Models

Wayne Dalton Classic Drive models 3014, 3018, 3514, all other models using 372Mhz frequency Wayne Dalton Quantum models 3214, 3314, 3316, 3414, all other models using 372Mhz frequency Wayne Dalton idrive models that have a yellow antennae wire Wayne Dalton prodrive - All models

We do have a

HomeLink Conversion Kit

for garage door openers that are not compatible with HomeLink to make them HomeLink compatible. Please click on the HomeLink Kit link on the left side of the page to view these kits.

Checking other brands of garage door opener for HomeLink Compatibility:

First of all, you must have a hand-held transmitter...
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Ceiling Fan Installation

I have just installed a ceiling fan (with light kit)in my gameroom but I am not sure about the wiring. The fan has a black and white wire and the electrical box has a black, red and white. I am putting the fan on a dual switch so I what the fan controlled on one switch and the light on the other. But the problem comes in on how to do the wiring when I only have one hot wire coming from the fan. Does anyone know how I should handle this so that each switch controls a functions?

Depending on what products you used and how you connected everything, the light kit should have its own black (sometimes blue) wire. You may have connected this to the fan's black resulting in only one hot wire. You can connect the hot wire from the light kit directly to the hot wire from the switch.

Ceiling Light Wiring

I have a ceiling light with a pull chain switch. I want to add a second porcelain keyless lamp base to another part of the...

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Any photographer will tell you: light makes the photo. The same is true with your home. Decorative close to ceiling light fixtures are an integral part of your home lighting scheme. With free shipping and free returns on our best-selling designs, Lamps Plus offers countless looks to complement your sense of style. Whether it's an elegantly understated way to add sparkle to the entryway or an exceptional way to brighten up your kitchen, hallway or bedroom, close to ceiling lights are right on task and on trend.

For a new look, shop our entire selection of ceiling lights to find contemporary designs with glass and chrome finishes and more. Perfect for the modern dining room, these designs flaunt fresh forms and clean finishes. Never before have so many decorative styles and color choices been available for ceiling mounted fixtures - add a modern art shade for a custom look, or try a touch of crystal glass and you've instantly got a transitional look. The type and quality of...

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