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Too handholdy. Hated that the game led you from quest to quest, had the light up trails to follow, etc. According to him, it would have been better if you could just free roam and explore on your own
I am having trouble changing light bulbs of my ceiling fan pictured below. I took these images to home depot and no one could help me! I showed the fan to two handymen in-person and they couldn't figure it out either! Please help me and show me a way
In hindsight, I think this past question might have also helped out: How can I change the bulb in this three-clawed, ceiling-mounted dome light fixture? A picture of what you currently have would allow us to help you out more, but I'll go on the assu
by Jacob Last Updated February 29, 2016 01:09 AM I have an interior bathroom with no windows. In the ceiling is a NuTone 763RLN exhaust fan with light bulb fixture. This unit was built in 2003, so the only light bulb specification provided is "100 wa
The lighting for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, industrial work spaces, big box retail and gymnasiums often consists of high bay fixtures equipped with and HID light source — usually metal halide lamps. The higher wattage metal halide bulbs us
I managed to get the tracks out of the recessed housing without breaking anything. There are two holes in the track with screws behind them. Those screws accept a 1/8" allen wrench
I just finished converting all 12 of the fluorescent fixtures to dual use. I got the LED ribbons and the connectors from Amazon, (see link above for the part number if you need it). I got 12 spst push button switches and a roll of 18 gauge wire from
I have a two-bulb F28T5 light fixture that went out and replacing the bulbs with new ones did not fix it. So I replaced the ballast with a new one. The lights come on but go out within a second or so
by Reid Last Updated March 12, 2016 07:09 AM I have a ceiling fan with separate fan speed control and switch on the wall. I would like to replace it with a plain light fixture if it is not too hard to get the wiring into a safe configuration. It is w