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What is Electronic Ballast?Electronic ballast is a device that converts power frequency to very high frequency to initialize gas discharge process in Fluorescent Lamp by controlling voltage across the lamp and current through the lamp. Use of Electro
Wow. Lots of misinformation here. No two-terminal AC-powered device knows or cares what the colors of the wires are
Hello, my name's Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom Home Visions and today we're going to teach you guys how to troubleshoot fluorescent lighting. Basic tools you're going to need are just a simple pair of pliers, right here, also you're going to need y
I have a house (Georgia, USA) and some kitchen renovations have revealed some prior electrical work and I am trying to figure it out. Originally, there was a ceiling box in the kitchen with a fan/light fixture controlled by a pair of 3-way switches.
Please explain how 105W transformer can support 9 20W light bulbs? The 105 watt rating is for continuous duty in nominal conditions for a specified temperature rise. No doubt in your situation it was getting much warmer than specified and that is cer
Every guide to changing a flourescent tube light I can find has the same basic two steps: twist, usually 90 degrees, then slip the two pins out through the slot. With this fitting,I have a fairly major problem with each step here: My light fitting ha
You have at least two non-metallic (NM) cables coming into that box. Each NM cable (and other types) must now have a ground wire. In the US, most of these cables have a bare copper ground wire
The Tospo is a cheap Chinese ballast. To find ballasts, start with what bulbs will fit in the fixture (all the better if you have a bulb already). Then search for ballasts meant to drive that bulb (which also fit in your fixture)
I'm considering replacing an outdoor lighting fixture with an LED motion-sensitive fixture, but I'm not sure how to safely do the wiring. The location is protected (under a porch) but still needs to be weatherproof. Here's the existing fixture and mo
I have recently moved into a new property and all light fittings came with no shaders/were pretty basic. I have then proceeded to (safely) remove the light fitting of the living room, replaced it with a proper pendant lamp, and reattached it. It work