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I recently installed a Minka Aire Java ceiling fan (F753-WHF) which came with a 3 speed remote controller, but which I installed with a Minka Aire hard-wired 4 speed wall control (WC105). The fan appears to work fine on all 4 speeds, but now that I'v
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This was my fix, my machine that would error out with DC/UC codes. I just did a repair on my FAV6800AAW by lubricating the needle bearings in the clutch pulley hub, the tub displacement sensor checked OK per the service manual check. I was getting dc
With a tape measure, measure the diameter of the ceiling opening. This is important because it will determine which type of recessed light you should buy. What If the Opening Is Too Small? As expected, it's easiest to purchase a light that exactly fi
Those have ballasts in them, so it's not a simple re-wire, per se. Nor do I think any adapter would be available, because of that. You'd have to swap the guts out (the inner can) with one from a new can, and hopefully it will fit (they're not fun to
Recessed lighting sits inside your ceiling encased in a metal canister. Oftentimes these canisters will overheat and burn the socket wire insulation, making them malfunction. Recessed lighting is typically set up so that several lights are activated
Here's my best guess at the wiring based on the photo. Looks like you've got one hot/neutral coming into the box from the panel (or another switch/outlet), and you've got 2 hot/neutrals going out of the box to other switches/outlets. Since these are
it looks like the earth has come completely off, but I wouldn't expect that to have caused the light and fan not to work. .