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A couple of weeks ago the magsafe adapter seem to have stopped working, since the light did not turn on. Upon further inspection I found that the light is just very dim and blinking orange. The battery does not charge, and the light on the adapter does not change even with the battery out.

The computer does work though, but only if plugged in. If I plug in with the battery, the computer says that the battery needs servicing. I tried the magsafe adapter with another MBP and it works fine (LED turns on as expected).

This led me to believe the SMC was the problem, and I followed the instructions to reset it. I did so (I can't really verify that the reset was successful) but it did not fix the problem.

I don't think its the battery, since the adapter doesn't light up even when the battery is out.

Any thoughts?

This is for a macbook pro, late 2006...

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In a new study, US researchers have found that spending too much time in dimly lit rooms and offices could actually change the brain's structure and impair our ability to remember and learn.

Carried out by Michigan State University neuroscientists, the new animal study looked at the brains of Nile grass rats (which, like humans, are awake during the day and sleep at night), after exposing them to dim and bright light for a four-week period.

The team found that the rats exposed to dim light lost about 30 percent of capacity in the hippocampus, a region of the brain critical for learning and memory, and also performed poorly on a spatial task that they had trained on previously, whereas the rats exposed to bright light actually showed a significant improvement on the spatial task.

Moreover, when the rodents that had been exposed to dim light...

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The power lamp is powered from the 6.3VAC heater circuit for the tubes. The tube heaters need to be working for the tube to amplify a signal. Though it doesn't directly affect the signal.

In order for the voltage to fluctuate enough to see the light dimming, the entire voltage supply to the amp would have to be fluctuating (they're separate power transformer secondary windings, but the transformer only transforms the input voltage fed into the primary) . This would mean the high voltage DC supply to the tubes would be fluctuating much more than that little 6.3V heater line. You'd hear wild changes in the amps sound. A dimming of the power lamp would likely put the power tubes into cutoff, and it would sound like that weird ZVEX pedal.

Either your wall voltage is fluctuating wildly, or there's a loose contact in the bulb socket. Or, if they used spade connectors on the lamp, it could be a poor connection. You'll also find little black connectors in series for each tube...

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Light = Energy
Poorly lit gyms tend to lack energy whereas a bright space with a generous amount of light is generally more inviting for exercise and can be crucial to creating just the right environment for a vigorous or energetic workout.

Natural Light is Best
Natural light coming from plenty of windows and skylights is the best source of light for a gym. If the natural light in your gym is only minimal or non-existent, try using good fluorescent lighting that emulates sunlight. This means that the fluorescent light bulbs should have a temperature of 5000K-5500K and very good color rendering of 82 or higher.

An Even Distribution of Light Helps
Besides supplying a good substitute for natural lighting, good fluorescent lighting can also provide a good even distribution of light throughout your fitness facility. An adequate number of well-positioned fluorescent light fixtures can minimize any dramatic “hot spots” of light or bright “point sources” of...

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About a decade ago Los Angeles–based software developer Lorna Herf decided to try her hand at oil painting. She and her husband, Michael, also a computer programmer, eventually installed bright fluorescent lights in their apartment's loft so that Lorna could paint at night and still have an accurate sense of what colors on the canvas would look like during the day. Late one evening Lorna descended to the living room, where computer screens were aglow. Now that she had become more attuned to differences in lighting, she noticed just how much the bright light from the computer screens clashed with the soft warmth of the incandescent bulbs that surrounded them. She remembers thinking the electronic screens were “like little windows of artificial daylight,” spoiling the otherwise gentle ambience of the room.

The tech-savvy couple engineered a crafty solution to minimize the discrepancy. They wrote some code to change the number and wavelength of the photons emitted by their...

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Orange Order

Societies and clubs celebrating the victory of King William III date back to 1690. The Orange Order itself arose out of disturbances in County Armagh, Ireland in the late eighteenth century, when Protestant 'Peep O'Day Boys' conflicted with Roman Catholic 'Defenders'. Following the Battle of the Diamond in 1795 near Loughgall, the new Protestant organization was founded. Like Freemasons a Grand Lodge was soon formed. (The founding members of the Orange Institution were Freemasons as was King William III, Prince of Orange.) Very quickly after the foundation of the Order, there emerged a second 'Purple Marksman' or 'Plain Purple' degree. Grand Lodge tried to stop local lodges from forming yet more degrees, but without much success. Soon were found degrees with names such as 'Royal Arch Purple', 'Scarlet', 'Black, 'Green' and 'Apron'. By the 1830's, these different so-called 'Black' degrees were being coordinated by bodies such as the...

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