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You will need a ohmmeter. Disconnect the IR Controller (the white box with white wires). If you check the the voltage drop (in the connector of the white wire) between the Positive (+) and the different wires
Cement board not close enough to tub how to fix,? I had a guy come to remodel the bathroom and he tore out everything and didn't come. back after I gave him some money and he didn't seem like he knew what he was doing. Only thing he did was screaming
Turn off the circuit breaker inside the main electrical panel to disconnect the electrical circuits supplying power to the Hampton Bay flush mount installation location. Confirm the disconnection of electricity on the circuit. Touch one probe from a
thanks in advance for help Question is this. I have romex running from the panel to a set of 6 outlets. If I want to add lights and a switch, can I simply add them FROM the first outlet? Details below
Use a single pole double throw switch, called three-way in the U. S. (as isherwood suggests)
My living room does not have great electrical lighting. The room is about 18'x12' with a fireplace on the far, short wall. Above the fireplace there are two angled recessed lights (can aim them in a direction, if wanted)
Generally speaking, all grounds can be bundled. You want the fixture, any metal boxes and conduit, and any switches all connected to the grounding conductor. In your case, bundle or chain them all together in the simplest and most secure manner avail
I am working to convert a hard wire light fixture which I have purchased to a plug in light fixture. The light fixture was designed for outdoor use, but I will be using it inside. Coming out of the light fixture is what seems to be a regular lamp cor
QUESTION: Can all LED lights be dimmed? ANSWER: NO! Not all LED lights can be dimmed. Dimmable LEDs generally cost a little bit more than the non- dimmable LED bulbs. BE CAREFUL
You can use a low-voltage retrofit mounting bracket, which is the same size and has the same screw dimensions as a standard outlet box, but without the "box" part. Because it's low-voltage, you don't need the mechanical protection of the box like you