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My daughters' rooms were re-done last fall - we tore out the closets, installed built-ins, replaced hollow doors with solid ones, did a bit of re-wiring for additional lights . .
Hi I have just change a light fitting in my kitchen and I am unsure if I have done it properly . The fitting has two main wires as it is part of a circuit. There are two red live wires, however there are four black wires and there does not appear to
In a single circuit, all ground wires and metal fixture structural parts are connected. In your case, the green wire is the ground for the lower part of the fixture. The bare wire is the ground for the metal canopy
One viewer asked if they could convert one of the two lamps in a double outdoor light into a socket? If all you want to do is to run Christmas lights that do not have a ground plug, you can simply screw in a two prong outlet into the light socket. If
We've been having problems with our lights dimming recently. We've had similar problems with bathroom fans slowing, plus the TV and dishwasher will reset. I have a suspicion that it caused by the fridge
Place of Origin Guangdong China [Mainland] Brand BOWONG Model Number BH-ML141 Type Modern ceiling lights Material Steel + Crystal Fixture Material stainless steel Size (Different size for your selection) Color chrome (Different color for your selecti
What is a Projector Lamp? The technical description of a modern projector bulb is that it is an ultra-high pressure mercury vapor ARC lamp. Projector lamps are categorized as either metal halide lamps or ultra-high pressure mercury vapor lamps. Phili
I wrote a blog back in June about the importance of exhaust fans and proper ventilation for your home bathroom. If you have family members in the house that are forgetful to even turn the exhaust fan on, you are not ventilating the bathroom at all, d