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Friends with electrical background could use some help. The top drawing was the original of how the electrical ran in my wall. The thing I messed up and did was not take a picture of the switch before I dismantled it
by Jurie Last Updated March 12, 2016 07:09 AM I couldn't find someone with the same problem so here goes: I've replaced a ceiling fan (the old one had some parts missing), but as soon as I put the power back, the light and fan turn themselves on even
Couple of questions for you. Are the pads on the pcb accessible with meter probes?Can you probe each pad and find out which wire it goes to? It looks as though the pads I am referring to are labeled "+12, G, R, B" Now are you saying that the controll
1 unit per black wire. 1 unit per red wire. 1 unit per white wire
Hello, I'm a newbie slowly learning arduino and looking for some general advice on how to wire a PWM dimmable lamp using two 12V 5W MR16 cob leds. Bulb specifications: • Item: 5W COB LED Light Bulb • Base Type: MR16 • Input Voltage: MR16(DC/AC 12V) •
Unless your property's topography permitted your basement to be designed as a walk-out space with big windows and a door or two, the level may have access to little natural light. As you plan its redo for regular use—whether as an office, gym, or cra
I am very surprised to hear that you shorted out the connection in the bulb. That It is rather difficult to do that in a fixture which is properly designed (and not broken, obviously). I suspect your fixture is broken
Learn how easy it is to wire a dimmer switch in your home with these step-by-step instructions. Wiring a dimmer switch is a great way to add some ambiance to a room in your home. This article is supplemental to the recently posted video about replaci
How to Take Out a MR16 Mini Halogen Bulb?The MR16 mini halogen light bulb is a bi-pin light bulb. This bulb is used for recessed lighting, and in place of standard incandescent light bulbs in residential and commercial use. Halogen bulbs can la
About a week ago the bulb blew in one of my lamps and when I put a new bulb in it still didn't work. I tried the bulb in a different lamp and it was fine so just thought oh well I need to get a new lamp. But today the same thing has happened with a d