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Controlling a light with two or more switchesThis page describes how to use 3-way and 4-way switches to control lights from two or more locations. This is the first of several related pages explaining how to control lights with multiple switches. Cli
Sounds like your assumption that water penetrating the box is correct no need to figure out any more than that. These boxes are not made for direct burial. (Pretty amusing actually
Colored light bulbs add a warm glow to any room. While tinted light bulbs in primary colors are available at certain hardware or discount stores, why not experiment with your own creativity and color light bulbs yourself? You can select unique colors
The adoption of dimmable LED lighting for new installations is rising fast, but with a vast retrofit market to address, there is an opportunity for further growth if the user experience can be optimised. LED lighting has already captured the imaginat
When we moved into our house 4 years ago that was built back in 1960 we had the programmable light switch that controls the front porch light replaced by an electrician that was doing some other work on the house since it wasn't working. Well 4 years
Hello, my name's Oscar Moreno with Moreno Custom Home Visions and today we're going to teach you guys how to troubleshoot fluorescent lighting. Basic tools you're going to need are just a simple pair of pliers, right here, also you're going to need y
Every guide to changing a flourescent tube light I can find has the same basic two steps: twist, usually 90 degrees, then slip the two pins out through the slot. With this fitting,I have a fairly major problem with each step here: My light fitting ha
First things first. 1) try chcking that the light bulbs are in the light fittings correctly, this may sound patronising but some times an ill fitting bulb, or if the fitting is damaged which is causing the bulb to fit incoorectly, then this may resul
The simplest thing to do is to turn the breaker on and figure out which black wire is supplying the current. (This is arguably one of the more dangerous approaches, but it is safe if you follow precautions like have someone guarding the wires so they
The Tospo is a cheap Chinese ballast. To find ballasts, start with what bulbs will fit in the fixture (all the better if you have a bulb already). Then search for ballasts meant to drive that bulb (which also fit in your fixture)