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Here's my best guess at the wiring based on the photo. Looks like you've got one hot/neutral coming into the box from the panel (or another switch/outlet), and you've got 2 hot/neutrals going out of the box to other switches/outlets. Since these are
We're changing the extremely old fixtures in our hallway with some sleek modern LED lighting. Upon removing the fixture I discovered three sets of twisted wires - double white, black-red (the fixture used it for the black) and a black-white pair that
The light in my bathroom is controlled by a radar motion sensor. The idea was that radar based sensors can be hidden inside the lamp itself and thus be invisible (so no sensor, no switch, only the lamp is visible). Unfortunately, since it's a small b
A horizontal board between two studs is typically fire blocking. The idea of fire blocking is to prevent a cavity in a wall more than 8' high where fire can quickly spread. You'll see this in any room with over 8' ceilings
The folks that say it begins with the cymbal and the drummer's technique are spot-in, but failing any changes there, the fact that you're using an SM57 isn't helping. They're designed to have a presence bump in the midrange and the heavier diaphragm
Introduction Lighting controls have traditionally been used to create moods. Today, they are also used as part of a high quality energy efficient lighting system that integrates daylight and electric light sources to provide a comfortable and visuall
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1. 5 Volt LED Flashers #1: four circuits with description 1. 5v LED FLASHER: This is a very basic little circuit built around the LM3909 IC
I'm trying to wire a new Legrand Adorne Softap dimmer without any luck. It's replacing a Legrand Adorne paddle dimmer which uses the HOT and 1-POLE connections on the back of the dimmer. The new dimmer requires an additional neutral wire to be connec